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Menu Window

You may open the Menu Window by clicking on "Menu" on the Status Window or typing "/menu" into the chat line. By default, this window may also be opened by pressing the \ key.

The following windows may be accessed from the Menu Window:

In addition to opening or closing each of the above windows, you may also select "Quit" from the Menu Window to either return to the login screen or quit to your desktop.

When logging out, you will remain visible and can still be attacked for 30 seconds. If you press any key during this time, the countdown will be aborted and you will not log out. When the countdown reaches zero, you will be sent back to the login screen.

If quitting to the desktop, you will have the additional option to quit out of the game before the 30 second timer has expired. If you do this, you will be sent out to the desktop, but your character will remain visible in the game and may still be attacked until the remainder of your 30 second timer has expired.