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Badge anniversary 1.png Founder

As a founding editor, your contributions have helped Homecoming Wiki get off to a great start. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to May 1, 2021.)

Badge Year 1 Veteran.png Old-Timer

You've reached the 1 year mark from your first edit. Michiyo wishes you a happy birfday.

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For your efforts in editing an untold number of articles in the wiki for consistency and completeness, Michiyo has awarded you an honorary Spruce Hammer.


Hi, I'm Aberrant! I've been playing CoH since it's EU release in 2005! Have been waiting for an alternative wiki to show up, so will do what I can to fix it up. Often more concerned with mission information and lore, but will edit and add what I can think of.


  • Review of Ancillary Power Pools
  • Sentinel Ancillary and Patron Pools
  • Sentinel Primary Powersets
  • Prisoners enemy group Arches powers
  • Sentinel Secondary Powersets

Currently Working On

  • Update Zone pages


  • New I24/I25 Powersets (Atomic Manip, Martial Combat, Ninja Training, Plant Manip, Tactical Arrow, Temporal Manip, Psionic Melee, Savage Melee, Rad Armor/Melee/Assault, Martial Assault, Bio Armor, Elec Affinity)
  • Proliferated Powersets
  • Modified Powersets (e.g. Blaster Secondaries)
  • Shadow Shard Expeditionary Force page
  • Restructure Ouroboros Arcs to not present as Task/Strike Forces.
  • New Incarnate Lore Pets (Demons? Are there more?)
  • Incorporate PB and WS travel powers into Aura powersets.
  • Edit Mender Ramiel arc, Statesman replaced by Positron.
  • Split Incarnate enemy groups out from main groups. e.g.:
    • Normal Banished Pantheon are: Villaingroup = 19 | Endgame BP for DA and Dilemma Diabolique are: Villaingroup = 147
    • Normal Arachnos are: Villaingroup = 168 | Endgame Arachnos are: Villaingroup = 152
    • Normal CoT are: Villaingroup = 18 | Endgame CoT are: Villaingroup = 154
  • Create historical pages for Astral Christy, Empyrean Michael and Taskmaster Gabriel to document their existence, removal and host contact images.