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Akarist is a Circle of Thorns traitor now working with the heroes of Paragon, the first traitor Oranbega has had in aeons. Akarist is a renowned expert in demonic contracts, and his experience goes back to the days when the horde of the demoness Lilitu decimated the isle of Mu, more than 14000 years ago.
So far, Akarist has been an invaluable information source about the history of Oranbega, Mu, and the roots of both villain groups, as well as a number of other magical issues. This makes him a prime target for his former compatriots of the Circle of Thorns, and has made him no better in the eyes of his ancestral Mu enemies either.

Heroes can find him:

Note: During the mission Recover Zoria and Akarist he's presented as a Boss-level ally, but he's actually a Pet.

Villains may find him:

An Archvillain version of him exists in Architect Entertainment. Originally, this incarnation of Akarist was used in Dr. Kahn Task Force, but was eventually removed.


City of Heroes

This Circle's mage gone rogue seems to be trutworthy. Certainly he's provided you with a lot of solid information. But you have to wonder whether you can really trust a man who lives in another person's body.

City of Villains

The infamous Circle of Thorns traitor is your prisoner. Now you just need to escape with him.

Architect Entertainment

The ancient Oranbegan sorcerer known as Akarist was once a mortal man, over 14,000 years ago. In his original body, his magical powers were at their peak.


Akarist will say the following when you encounter him:


As an enemy, he has the usual powers for an Agony Mage:


GravityControl Crush.png Crush Ranged, Low Smash Damage, Foe Immobilize, -Fly
Creates a localized gravitational field strong enough to Immobilize a single foe. Crush can also bring down flying entities. This power is very accurate and deals some crushing damage over time. All mezzes used by the Agony Mage are only used when foes mez protection is turned on so either turn off mez protection to protect yourself from these high magnitude holds or deal with it and use inspirations.

GravityControl GravityDistortion.png Gravity Distortion Ranged, Foe Hold
Causes a single foe to experience an intensely misshapen gravitation field, rendering them unable to take any action. As previously said in crush this power will only be used when mez protection is on.

ShadowFighting ShadowPunch.png Falchion Melee, Lethal/Negative, Low Damage
This small curved short sword has been enchanted to channel negative energy damage to its victim.

KineticBoost SiphonPower.png Siphon Power (Ranged, Self +Damage) Foe -Damage
The Ruin Mage has siphoned your power and reduced your damage potential to strengthen her own.

FireBlast Inferno.png Kamikaze Suicide Special (Point Blank Area of Effect, Energy)
Circle Mages will detonate themselves in a crisis, and attempt to take a few foes with them. This power is interruptible.

Empathy AbsorbPain.png Absorb Pain Ally +Hit Points, Self -Hit Points
This power has only a tiny endurance cost, but dramatically heals an ally's wounds by sacrificing some of your own health.

As an ally, he has the usual powers of a Fire Thorn Caster:


FireBlast Flare.png Flares Ranged, Fire, Damage over Time, Fire
A quick attack that throws Flares at the target. Little damage, but very fast.

FireBlast FireBall.png Fire Ball (Ranged) Targeted Area of Effect, Fire
A Fireball consumes a targeted foe, and any other enemy in a tight radius. Anyone in that area is burned and damaged over a short period of time.

FireManipulation RingofFire.png Ring of Fire Ranged, Damage over Time (Fire), Foe Immobilize
Immobilize your target in a Ring of Fire. Deals some Damage over Time. Very accurate! Most resilent foes may require multiple Fire Rings to Immobilize.

FireManipulation Consume.png Consume Ranged, Fire, Self +Endurance
The Caster can Consume some fuel from his nearby enemies to recover Endurance.

FireTrap Soot.png Char Ranged, Foe Hold
Incapacitates a targeted foe at a distance by Charring him with soot and cinders around him.

As an Archvillain, he has the combined powers of the Arch-Mages, complete with their unusual resistances of 75% to all damage, added on top of standard Archvillain resistances.

Powers in Architect Entertainment

  • Resistance
  • Resistance
  • Dominate
  • Mesmerize
  • Psychic Scream
  • Scramble Thoughts
  • Fortitude
  • Stone Prison
  • Earthquake
  • Fossilize
  • Crush
  • Gravity Distortion
  • Siphon Power
  • Absorb Pain
  • Chill of the Night
  • Dark Pit
  • Gloom
  • Tenebrous Tentacles
  • Twilight Grasp


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.