Arachnos Bloody Bay Liaison

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The Arachnos Bloody Bay Liaison is an NPC located in the Haven neighborhood of Cap au Diable close to the helicopter that takes villains to the Bloody Bay zone. Her coordinates are (-1829, 0, 1454).

There is a mission to speak to the Arachnos Bloody Bay Liaison assigned by Seer Marino.

Initial Contact

Greetings, Character. I'm the Arachnos Liaison for the hero versus villain PvP zone of Bloody Bay. Bloody Bay is a Player Vs. Player zone. Bloody Bay is VERY dangerous, and if you go there, you almost certainly will be attacked by other players. Do not enter Bloody Bay unless you are willing to engage in Player Vs. Player combat.

If you are interested in entering Bloody Bay, you can get there by speaking to the Pilot beside me. Once there, you can talk to Warzone Operative Oudot in the safe zone. He can provide your with missions taking place throughout the zone. These missions will allow you to change the course of the battle by providing penalties to heroes or boosts to villains.