Arachnos Technician

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Arachnos Technician
Arachnos Technician.jpg
Zone Warburg
Coordinates (595, 0, -1962)
Level Range 30-50
Enemy Groups

V badge Arachnoids.png Arachnoids

V badge RogArachnos.png Rogue Arachnos
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Villain Contact is a villain contact in Warburg at coordinates (595, 0, -1962). Her level range is 30-50.

Arachnos Technician gives out the details of the Missile Launch Mission to heroes. It is not necessary to speak with Arachnos Technician to do the missile launch mission, but she will give the following briefing.

Mission Briefing

What you are about to hear is Top Secret. We have a problem. Marshal Blitz has betrayed us here on Warburg. He intends to sell two of our weapons programs, Project Arachnoid and the Warburg Rocket Program, to the Malta Group. Warburg Rocket Program is designed to deliver on-demand warheads with mini-strikes that cause super-types many of problems.

Blitz is our problem, but there's an opportunity here for you. It serves our interests to offer you control of a Warburg Rocket micro-strike. These are on-demand warheads with powerful payloads. Better you than a traitor. You will have to find one of our scientists down in the Web; he can tell you how to get a micro-strike for yourself. They're great for taking out heroes, especially in their bases where they think they're safe.

Are you interested in rendering a service to Lord Recluse?

A missile strike of my own? Of course I'm interested.

Your willingness is noted. Go.

Intriguing. Tell me more.

Was I not clear before? Our scientists are trapped in the underground Web. Find one and rescue him. He will tell you how to earn a rocket strike. If you succeed, you can use your micro-strike any time you want. It will give your enemies some serious problems.