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Architect Entertainment Building
Atlas Park


Architect Entertainment Buildings are where all the magic happens: they contain the Mission Architect, the means by which players can create their own stories and experience others' stories through Architect Entertainment Stations. There are currently 18 AE Buildings throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

The AE Building

Unlike other building interiors which are really located under the map (because the inside rooms tend to be larger than the building it's located in), the rooms of the Architect Entertainment building are really in the building. You can look out the window and see the zone you're in.

If each four square set of windowpanes is counted as a 'floor' of the building, then there are 18 floors to the AE Building:

  • Floors 1-2 = Ground Floor Lobby
  • Floors 3-4 = not used
  • Floor 5 = Hospital
  • Floors 6-9 = not used
  • Floor 10 = Studio B (a third of the entire floor)
  • Floor 11 = windowless buffer, not used
  • Floor 12-17 = Main Studio Loft
  • Floor 18 = windowless buffer, not used

One of the doors on the roof goes to the ground floor lobby.

The doors off of the Main Studio lead to the twelfth story balcony -- watch your step! In fact, if you're outside the building and have a MA mission selected, the navigation waypoint will point to the balcony door.

The Main Studio
with the main features marked

Ground Floor Lobby

There is an Architect Entertainment Greeter NPC with general information about using the Mission Architect.

Main Studio

The Main Studio is a six story loft that houses the main components of the Mission Architect.

Architect Entertainment Station

Architect Entertainment Stations allow the player to open up the Mission Architect interface by clicking on them.

However, you don't actually have to be right next to a Station to pull up the MA interface. If you're in any room with a MA console (such as the Main Studio or Studio B), then typing /architect will pull up the interface.

A handy macro or bind can be made to pull up the Mission Architect window without having to type it every time:

/macro AE architect

More macro suggestions can be found at the /architect page.

The Mission Engineer Badge allows the player character to call up the MA interface anywhere, even outside the AE Building, as well as unlocking a special AE macro icon (instead of the gray button) and /emote MATablet.

Hologram Contacts

There are three Hologram Contacts with which you interact before and after each mission. They can be programed by a Mission Architect author to look like almost any contact imaginable, from NPCs, to objects, to customized critters.

Data Stream

Behind the Hologram Contacts is a very large green and glowing cylinder of light called the Data Stream. You enter the Data Stream to go on all MA missions whether they're published or simply being tested. The Data Stream acts like a mission door, just click to enter.

Ticket Vendor

Main Articles: Ticket Vendor, Mission Architect Ticket

Overlooking the Stations and Holograms is the Ticket Vendor who will sell salvage, inspirations, enhancements, recipes, unlockable accessories for MA authors and even a badge. The Ticket Vendor also holds the tickets for a player that were earned from others running and rating their missions until the player claims them.

Inspiration Vendor

The Inspiration Vendor is conveniently located by the hospital door.

Architect Entertainment Instructor

The Architect Entertainment Instructor has instructions and tips for authors creating missions and players playing them.

Architect Studio Manager

In the Ground Floor Lobby of the AE Building in Atlas Park or Mercy Island is the Architect Studio Manager, an NPC that provides a tutorial walkthrough of Architect Entertainment.

Thrill Seeker Badge

The Thrill Seeker Badge is located in the same spot in every AE Building, between and just off to the side of the hologram contacts and AE stations.

Studio B

Studio B is a quiet zone where all powers are suppressed so that authors may create in peace. Studio B has a Architect Entertainment Instructor but no Data Stream. To test or run a mission, a player must go back to the Main Studio and use the Data Stream there.

The entrance to Studio B is from the Main Studio loft. From the Architect Entertainment Stations, walk around to the left of the Data Stream and you'll see a door on the structure behind the Data Stream.


AE Building display on the mini-map and Nav bar.

Architect Entertainment Buildings show up on the minimap as an AE icon. On the pull down menu on your mini-map, one can enable or disable the AE icon.

The locations listed below are the front doors to the building. There are a few alternate entrances (including doors on top of the building for fliers and jumpers).

Hero Locations

Villain Locations

Cooperative Locations

Named NPCs in the AE Building

Named NPCs come and go in and about the AE building: