Architect Restoration Technician

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Architect Restoration Technician is an NPC in the Restoration Room of the Architect Entertainment buildings. He is one of the contacts visited during the Architect Entertainment introduction.


When clicked after completing the Architect Entertainment introduction, Architect Restoration Technician will respond with one of the following phrases:

  • "Welcome to the Restoration Room."
  • "No animals were harmed in the restoration of you or anyone else."
  • "This is where your body gets converted back into a physical form after you've been defeated."
  • "This robotic form is only a simulacrum, my consciousness is stored in the Arc Server itself."
  • "Get back in the mission, soldier; never let them see you bleed."
  • "You're perfectly safe in the Arc Server. We have backups of our backup's backup."
  • "Don't worry, the restoration process is completely safe."
  • "The Assistant Manager has uncontrolled superpowers lethal to organics. That's why we keep her in the power suppression room."
  • "While in the Arc server, you exist only as a pattern of ones and zeroes. A far more efficient state of existence, if you ask me."
  • "We don't serve fries."
  • "We use no medicinal herbs or chemicals. The whole process is digital."
  • "It's so quiet down here... a morgue."