Auto Repair

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This is a base defense auxiliary item.


The Auto Repair increases the chance that a destroyed turret will be repaired after a base Raid.

Additional Information

Auto Repair
Base Element Type Defense Aux Item
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage FaLakAmulet.png 1 Ancient Artifact Salvage PrototypeElement.png 1 Simple Chemical Salvage DataFiles.png 1 Daemon Program Salvage KheldianBloodSample.png 1 Alien Blood Sample

Salvage ThornFragmentold.png 1 Masterwork Weapon Salvage InertGas.png 1 Inert Gas Salvage SkyRaiderDevice.png 1 Data Drive Salvage MutatedSample.png 1 Mutating Genome


Salvage IceShard.png 1 Nevermelting Ice Salvage Silver.png 1 Silver Salvage AbberantTech.png 1 Temporal Tracer Salvage StableProtonium.png 1 Positronic Matrix

Effects Increases chance for repair after raid
Allowed "Aux" Items None
Arcane Equivalent Resurrector


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