Bind load file (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/bind_load_file path

This command loads the specified bindfile into the current character. A message will be displayed in the chat tabs confirming that the file has been loaded. To load bindfiles without the message, use /bind_load_file_silent.

  • Due to limitations of the CoH/V command line parser, pathname must be enclosed in quotes if it contains spaces. Thus /bind_load_file "C:\coh binds\bindfile.txt" would be a valid command, while /bind_load_file C:\coh binds\bindfile.txt would not.
  • The default location, unless a fully defined path is specified, is <COHInstallFolder>\data if it exists, or <COHInstallFolder> if it does not. The \data folder does NOT exist on a default City of Heroes installation, it must be manually created.
  • Pathname may be either a relative or fully defined path:
  • fully defined - C:\cohbinds\bindfile.txt
  • relative - bindfolder\bindfile.txt
    bindfolder\bindfile.txt would be located in the data directory of the install directory (C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\data\bindfolder\bindfile.txt).
  • relative2 - ..\bindfolder2\bindfile.txt
    ..\bindfolder2\bindfile.txt would be located in the install directory, since bindsavefile looks in the data directory (C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\bindfolder2\bindfile.txt).