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V archetypeicon brute.png
Primary Melee
Secondary Defense
Inherent Fury
Base HP 1499.3
Max HP 3212.7
Primary Sets 22
Secondary Sets 13
Epic Power Pools 8
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Brutes live to fight, and as a Brute you revel in hand-to-hand combat. With strong offensive power sets to inflict pain and impressive defenses to take it, you're the best there is in a straight fight. Protracted battles only makes you mad, and the madder you get, the more damaging your attacks become. You do lack ranged attacks, which could leave you vulnerable to hit and run tactics without some allies to cover you.

The Brute's power sets are:

Primary: Melee
Secondary: Defense

Brute Stats
Survivability               8      
Melee Damage 9    
Ranged Damage 2    
Crowd Control 5    
Support 2    
Pets 2    

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

  • A Brute's primary power sets are designed specifically for melee. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

  • A Brute's secondary power sets are designed for defense. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Patron Power Pools

* Patron Power Pools require either rogue or villain alignment to obtain.

Inherent Power

  • Fury
  • Brute attacks, and many of their toggle auras, taunt the enemies they affect in PvE. This is similar to the Gauntlet inherent that Tankers possess, only without an area of effect. It is sometimes referred to as PokeVoke by the community.


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Brutes were added to the game in Issue 6, originally a City of Villains archetype. Their original primary powersets were Dark Melee, Energy Melee, Fiery Melee, Stone Melee, and Super Strength. Their original secondary powersets were Dark Armor, Energy Aura, Fiery Aura, Invulnerability, and Stone Armor.
  • During the City of Villains Beta, Ice Armor and Ice Melee were powersets for Brutes. It was determined that the recharge debuff effects hindered Fury and those powersets were removed. Energy Melee and Energy Aura were then added as available powersets.
  • Electrical Melee, Electric Armor, Leviathan Mastery, Mace Master, Mu Mastery, and Soul Mastery were added to the game in Issue 7.
  • Dual Blades and Willpower were added to the game in Issue 11.
  • Battle Axe, War Mace, and Super Reflexes were proliferated to Brutes in Issue 12.
  • Shield Defense was added to the game in Issue 13.
  • Claws was proliferated to Brutes in Issue 16.
  • Kinetic Melee was added to the game with Going Rogue.
  • Fury decay was made more gradual and the Brute damage cap was lowered from 850% to 775% in Issue 18.
  • The Ancillary Power Pools became available to Brutes in Issue 18.
  • Katana, Broad Sword, and Regeneration were proliferated to Brutes in Issue 21.
  • Street Justice was added to the game on October 4, 2011.
  • Titan Weapons was added to the game on December 6, 2011.
  • Staff Fighting was added to the game on April 17, 2012.
  • Ice Melee, Ice Armor, Martial Arts, and Spines were proliferated to Brutes in Issue 25.
  • Bio Armor, Psionic Melee, Radiation Melee, Radiation Armor, and Savage Melee were added to the game in Issue 25.
  • Fury was adjusted to be more team-friendly and Brute Damage Scale and Damage Cap were adjusted in Issue 26, Page 4.

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