Children of Enos

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Centuries ago, the Rogue Isles were discovered by a French secret sect, the Children of Enos, fleeing from France and blown off course sailing to the New World. There they found fragments of strange ruins that hinted at an older and darker history. The sect quickly enslaved the small native population (and supposedly overcame the spirit-guardians of the natives) and put them to work building a magnificent gothic temple/fortress over the mysterious ruins. The base thrived for many decades and became the sect’s main headquarters. From here they conducted their dark plots against their hated enemies in France and the Church.

As the great age of piracy waned, the Children of Enos regained strength. In 1810, the scattered survivors of the sect returned and revived their practices, though far more secretly. Using their esoteric skills they quickly moved into positions of power. It seemed there was no dark secret they couldn’t uncover or weak mind they could not dominate. In their hands, knowledge truly was power.