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This article is about the Praetorian Archvillain. For the serpentine arch foe of Talos, see Chimera (Beast).


Praetor Sinclair
Praetor Sinclair.jpg
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-915, 581, -1170) [Copy]
Level Range 8-15
Introduced By == Level 8 ==
Tami Baker
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
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Chimera, also known as Praetor Sinclair, is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City at coordinates (-915, 581, -1170) [Copy] . His level range is 8-15.

Heroes can find him:


Known in Praetoria as Praetor Sinclair, he is Emperor Cole's ultimate assassin. When his parents were killed by Doppleganger, Justin Sinclair was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Doppelganger took the boy under his wing and trained him to be the world's premier silent killer.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None



Justin Sinclair is a man that few would dare to cross. He is known for having his hand in all matters within Praetoria and is trusted by Emperor Cole himself to run various covert operations, both in Praetoria and outside of it.

Prior to Introduction

Do you ever get that feeling that there was something you forgot? For instance, you don't know me yet you still interrupted me. Now, what do you think you forgot? Go deal with that first, then perhaps attempt to speak with me.

Wrong Alignment

I'm only going to speak with those who are willing to do what it takes to move forward, Character. Speak to me when you've gained that will.

Initial Contact

Your name is Character. I've been keeping track of your progress, ever since I received your information from Ms. Baker. I have to say, I'm very impressed. I'm well aware of what your motives might be; power, fame, glory, all or perhaps just one. Or perhaps you're actually here to protect the people and get famous while doing so. It doesn't matter to me.

I am a man who knows how to work with others. Today, I require your aid. In return, I will give you what you need. Money, power, fame, whatever it is. But you must know that what I deal with is extremely sensitive and must not be released to the public. I am putting my trust towards you, the trust of a Praetor. Do not take it lightly.


  • Let's begin, there's much to do.
  • We have very little time to waste, Character

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level


No More Missions

You and I have finished our business, Character. Let's not have it linger.


Story Arc

The Power to Control

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 9 Reward Merits.


EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Praetor Sinclair's story arc does not have a souvenir.

Part One: Control Lost


I will debrief you on the entirety of the situation, Character. I have my own personal and secretive strike force, codenamed Project Phoenix. Praetor White has his Powers Division, Marchand has the PPD, I have Project Phoenix. It is only fair that someone of my stature has their own force to rely upon. It was a small force, numbering only six in total. This was done to establish control and trust. However, something has gone wrong.

Earlier, an attempt was made on Praetor White's life by members of Project Phoenix, members who have gone rogue, obviously. Two members attacked him, only one made it out alive. I attempted to contact the other members of Project Phoenix, only to discover they have all fled. As you can see, there has been a small 'coup' within my group. The press is in an uproar about this, and Praetor White is... displeased. I must do what I can to keep my connection to all of this as secret as possible, which is why I am asking for your help in this.

  • My help? You can't do this yourself?

It is a complicated matter, Character. I've made several deals with Praetor Tilman to hide my operatives from her Seers. As you can imagine, this recent attempt on Praetor White's life has caused her no end of trouble. She is being pressed to explain how the assassins escaped the sight of her seers. Much as it displeases me, I am now indebted to her. In order to prevent her from revealing the truth, I must provide her with my assistance.

In the meantime, I'm relying upon you to wipe out Project Phoenix. I will spread the word that these assassins are part of a new group, looking to fill the growing void left by the Destroyers that you vanquished. Once more you will bear the role of the hero looking to take a stand and protect Praetoria. You will strike them down - of that I have no doubt - and my issue will be alleviated. And any of those who know about Project Phoenix will see what happens when my trust is betrayed.

I have tracked the member of Project Phoenix who attacked Praetor White. He is in the tunnels, recovering from his injuries. I must go deal with an errand for Tilman. It is up to you to wipe out this traitor before he can flee into the tunnels, lost forever to the darkness.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care of we talked about earlier.


Mission Objective(s)

File:Map P Tunnels 30 Layout 10 01.png
Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_10_01

The first member of Project Phoenix is in here somewhere, amongst the ghouls. You'll have to move to catch up with him.

  • Eliminate a member of Project Phoenix
    • Put down the member of Project Phoenix
    • Find the static box to access the network

You put down Basilisk and encountered an odd message from a woman named BV.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians

Notable NPCs

These trained killers were once part of Project Phoenix, following every order given to them by Praetor Sinclair. They now seek freedom from Sinclair at any cost.

Icon clue generic.png
Note of Contact
You found this note on the body of Basilisk. It instructs him to input a series of numbers on one of the Static boxes in the underground. Doing so will put him in contact with someone named 'BV'.

You've opened up a link to the Static.


Good, you're back. I've barely finished Tilman's request. You were able to put down Basilisk, I trust?

...BV?, no, that's impossible, Character, what you are telling me is impossible. That person is suppossed to be dead, many times over. The person you speak of is named Belladonna Vetrano. She should be dead, Character. She should have died on her initial assignment - the assignment she never came back from - or from the numerous assassins I have sent after her, following her 'revival', you could say. But... her presence explains everything.

Belladonna was one of my most talented operatives within Project Phoenix. I saved her from her parents and offered her a life of riches, of fame, of power. I trained her, personally, taught her everything. She followed my commands and benefitted from it time and again. It was perfect, Character. Up until she was sent to kill the woman named Vanessa DeVore. I had believed she was killed by DeVore's powerful psychic powers. I was wrong. She betrayed me, Character. I gave her a meaningful life and she betrayed me by joining the Resistance, taken in by their lies. It simply showed me one thing: her faith in me was weak, fragile, easily swayed by simplistic words.

Since then, she and I have been in a constant battle. This latest move can only mean that she was able to poison others with her words. This situation has become more dire than I previously believed, Character.

Part Two: In Due Time


The events that transpired with Belladonna are due to one thing and one thing alone, Character: Control. I allowed Belladonna to do what she wished, despite the dangers that came with it. And now we are all paying for it. The worst thing about this situation is that I must leave it up to you to handle these things. You should understand, Character, the amount of trust I'm giving you. I have already begun to stream to the media that you are putting down this threat. I know what it is that you want and I fully intend to give it to you.

That, really, is what this is all about. Every person, no matter who they are, wants something. You can, as in your case, give it to them - for a price. Or you can cut them down, if what they want conflicts with your own plans. In Belladonna's case, it will be the latter. It is all about control and keeping it, Character.

  • Alright, Praetor Sinclair. Do you have a lead on the next Project Phoenix member?

That I do. There are four left, Character. One has been sighted again in the tunnels. Once more, I would deal with this myself, but Tilman requests that I deal with an urgent matter with her Seers and some other-worldly interference from psychics. As much as it pains me to do so, I must aid her. If I do not, then the balance she and I have will be shattered and become unpredictable. And that, Character, is what leads to situations that we have now.

The person you're after is code-named Cockatrice. End him and in his last breaths make him wish that he never had the foolish idea to cross me.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I cannot speak, Character. Tilman will be here shortly to discuss matters.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map P TUNNELS 30 LAYOUT 03 01.png
Map: P_TUNNELS_30_LAYOUT_03_01

The smell of the Resistance is heavy in the air. It looks like Cockatrice has met up with his new allies.

  • Take down Cockatrice
    • Find the next assassin
    • Survive the Resistance ambush

It appears you walked into a trap intended for Praetor Sinclair!


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! As soon as you find Belladonna, you will be ambushed by four waves of Resistance fighters


So, you saw Belladonna? I shouldn't be surprised this was a trap. I taught her everything she knows about deception. I apologize, Character, that this happened to you. Her ingratitude knows no bounds.

I wonder, Character, what your reaction would be to someone who could be perceived as your savior. I told you about her parents, yes? They lived outside of Praetoria, in the wilds infested by the nightmarish creatures created by Hamidon. Her life was nothing but fear and chaos. The only thing that she and her parents could rely upon was never knowing what would happen next. She lived in pure and utter anarchy. I rescued her from that, Character. Her parents refused to let me take her, refused to let their daughter live a better, safer life. And so, I did what I had to do in order to save her. She was barely nineteen when that happened; she remembers it well. And yet, here we are. She strikes against me, as if I am a monster, as if I am no better than the creatures that stalk her nightmares.

This, Character, is the reality the the Resistance would have us live. It is one that I intend to ensure never comes to fruition.

Part Three: Stronger Than Family


When someone becomes a member of Project Phoenix, they swear an oath. An oath to follow my every command. This is not because I am some... power freak, like White or Keyes. No, this is done because I know what is best for the members of Project Phoenix. I am, in many ways, their father. Every single member of Project Phoenix must give up their own life when they join, adopting the name I give them. Belladonna was my Phoenix, until she betrayed me.

The current man we hunt is named Gorgon. He was once a member of the Syndicate, someone weak, someone petty, less than a man. I made him into something greater, into something legendary. But, like all the other members, he has succumbed to the lies of Belladonna. Like a son turned against a father by a traitorous sister.

I know the location of Gorgon. He has gone to meet with his former brother-in-arms, a brother who was suppossed to have shed when he joined Project Phoenix. I have done you the honor of informing TPN that you believe this new group may be part of the Syndicate, and that you plan to storm one of their main offices with help of the fish named Riptide.

  • Sounds like you've gone and planned out everything, Sinclair.

That is the best way to handle things, Character. Careful planning, careful control. It prevents chaos, anarchy and other things that can lead to... undesired consequences. Riptide will be waiting for you in the office building. Show Gorgon no mercy, Character, and make sure to bring down his brother. The man is now wanted for many crimes within Imperial City, thanks to our mutual friend, Praetor Tilman.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I would accompany you myself, Character, but things are beginning to get rather problematic with Praetor Tilman.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map P Office 30 Layout 01 04.png
Map: P_Office_30_Layout_01_04

The guards at the door quickly walked away when you entered. They seem to know that a fight is soon to come.

  • Bring down Gorgon and Adept Pham
    • Defeat Adept Pham, Defeat Gorgon

You've put down Gorgon and Adept Pham.



Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians

Notable NPCs

These trained killers were once part of Project Phoenix, following every order given to them by Praetor Sinclair. They now seek freedom from Sinclair at any cost.

Icon clue generic.png
Gorgon's Last Words
Gorgon collapsed to the ground and looked up to you. He removed his mask and uttered these final words...

So... Sinclair refused to let me go... he never could stand someone... going against his plans, having a will of their own. His eyes show no fear... but his plans, his movements, they show it all. He is terrified... terrified of losing control, losing his grasp on reality. Such a man... I could never continue to serve. I have... no regrets in my death... I can only... be happy that... I lived my last moments... free from him.


It is too bad that things had to end like this with Gorgon. He was a promising student, one who I rescued from mediocrity. If it were not for me, he would have spent his life licking the boots of those above him in the Syndicate, the boots of those who would never dare to get their hands dirty. No, I made Gorgon into something greater than he was before. Or, perhaps, I thought I did. His betrayal shows that clearly he was too weak to meet my standards in the first place. Unlike you, Character. Everything you have done up to this point has proven to me that you are a man / woman who has the ability to know what you want and take it. You do not doubt yourself, you do not question your motives. That is a very powerful aspect to have. Very powerful.

TPN is running reports about your actions against Adept Pham and Gorgon. They hail it as your next blow against the 'mysterious group' that is arising. It is all too easy to control the people, Character, to make them think what you think. That is what makes them both a very powerful and very dangerous resource. Powerful in that they are easy to control, dangerous in that those people who are less than men can also control them. I should warn you now, Character, not to rely on the praise of people to get you power for too long. It is best for you to rely upon me. If we work together, I can help you become something far greater than you could ever imaginate.

Part Four: Thicker Than Blood


Connection to family makes people weak, Character. It clouds their judgment, allows them to be controlled by outside circumstances. Gorgon was controlled by his desire to be with his family in the Syndicate. Cockatrice, the man we lost track of in the tunnels, went through all the effort to hide from us, only to reveal his position by trying to track down his sister, who has become a seer. He joined Project Phoenix with the promise that he would be close to his sister, a promise that I kept. You can, as in your case, give it to them - for a price. Or you can cut them down, if what they want conflicts with your own plans. In Belladonna's case it will be the latter. I allowed him to see his sister in the times that I deemed fit. Eventually, his visits to her stopped, once he realized she was not his sister anymore; she was a seer, emotionless, attached to nothing but her job. The perfect human being, you could say.

It appears now that Cockatrice wishes to free his sister, to try to return her back to normal. This is something that will never happen, but yet he still clings to this hope, this faith that it somehow will happen. It will be the end of him. Here is the location of the lab. The Resistance are raiding it as we speak.

  • And what will you be doing?

I have appeased Praetor Tilman, for now. While you are out dealing with Cockatrice, I will be narrowing down the location of Belladonna. Her time is going to come to an end soon, Character. This, I swear.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Cockatrice is weak, Character. It is time to show him what happens when you falter.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map P Tech Bio 30 Layout 03 01.png
Map: P_Tech_Bio_30_Layout_03_01

You can feel the presence of the Seers in the lab, reading the thoughts of all those who enter.

  • Put down Cockatrice
    • 3 seers to recover

You've put down Cockatrice, preventing him from reuniting with his sister.



Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians

Notable NPCs

These trained killers were once part of Project Phoenix, following every order given to them by Praetor Sinclair. They now seek freedom from Sinclair at any cost.

Icon clue generic.png
Cockatrice's Final Gasp
Cockatrice gasped for air in his final moments, turning to you...

Sinclair... he knew that my sister... would become just another tool for Praetoria... yet he led me to become this... I thought... I thought I could save her. I just... I just...

Cockatrice's eyes shut.


Welcome back, Character. TPN is once again reporting on your efforts to combat this new threat, just as we planned. Cockatrice's fate is a sad one. It is something that I hope you can avoid. You should not become attached to anything that you cannot control, Character. Cockatrice, Gorgon, they were attached to people, free people. Human beings who, when given the chance, would let them down. It is the way of life, as you have seen with Belladonna; given freedom, those you place trust in will ultimately fail your expectations. It is a lesson hard learned, but learned nonetheless. But come, we should not dwell on somber matters. I have excellent news. I have tracked down a possible location of Belladonna and the two remaining members of Project Phoenix.

Finale: This is the End


Belladonna is no fool, Character. She tried to distract me with false leads, meant to simply delay me. In the end, I was able to track her and my other two agents down to two possible locations, meaning that you and I will have to split up to cover them. Belladonna will be at one location, at the other will be a decoy. Both of us will have support from members of the PPD whom I control. I will not risk Belladonna escaping, not this time. If you encounter her, Character, do not kill her. Just bring her in. She will not die... oh, no, she will not die, not when there is so much left to do. Here is the location where you will be going to find her.

  • Looks like we'll see what happens, Sinclair.

Yes, luck of the draw. The exact situation that I am not fond of, which is exactly why she created it. We're almost at the end though, Character. We finish this, it mens the end of Project Phoenix, your rise to glory, and my chance to make things right.

Members of the Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should inform him of what is happening.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good luck, Character. Let us hope this is not another trick by Belladonna.

Showdown on Praetoria's rooftops

Mission Objective(s)


According to Sinclair's information, if Belladonna is here, she'll be on the roof of this building.

  • Capture Belladonna (Single Player)
    • Defeat Belladonna

(No completion text)


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Belladonna's counteroffer

Belladonna: Character. I should have figured that Justin would send you.
Belladonna: I was like you once. Until Justin tried to kill me. As you can see, it didn't take.
Belladonna: He wants you to capture me, but I'm here to give you a different offer, and some insight...
Belladonna: Once you become a threat, Justin will kill you, just as he has done to so many others in the past.
Belladonna: Join with me and the Resistance, and we will give you more power than you could ever dream of!
Belladonna: And... unlike Justin, we won't try to kill you when you get too powerful. What do you say, Character?


Chimera does not have any regular missions out of his story arc.


File:Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder

You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension.


Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Prior to Issue 18, the following was the description for Chimera:
When his parents were killed by the villain Doppleganger, Chimera was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Doppleganger took the boy under his wing and trained him to be the world's premiere silent killer.
  • Before the introduction of an Archery power set in City of Heroes, Chimera used a katana in battle.

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