Dilemma Diabolique Trial

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Dilemma Diabolique Trial
Incarnate Trial
Issue 22 - Diabolique4 logo.jpg
Team Size 8-16 players
Badge Badge it dea complete.png Death Denied
Enemy Groups Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
V badge Diabolique.png Demons of Diabolique
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Vindicators.png Vindicators
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The Dilemma Diabolique Trial (DDT or DD) is one of the Incarnate Trials connected to the release of Issue 22 which takes place in Dark Astoria. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 players can raid the Moth Cemetary.

During the mission, a voice will "radio in" information about your progress. While there is no specific contact (the trial is entered entirely through the LFG menu), it is however likely that your unseen helper is meant to be the Dream Doctor.

All Issue 20 Incarnate Components will drop during this trial, and both Psychic and Physical Incarnate Experience is gained towards unlocking the Alpha, Judgement, Lore, Interface and Destiny Incarnate Slots.

Story Summary

Following the emergence of Mot from Moth Cemetery in Dark Astoria, a team of Incarnates is dispatched by the Dream Doctor to stop Diabolique from using Mot's vast otherworldly powers for her twisted purposes. The Incarnates must free a series of heroes from her control, face the Sentinel of Mot, and defeat Diabolique herself inside the body of Mot (along with two heroes she is controlling).

After the Incarnates take her down, the Dream Doctor, still possessing the Dagger of Jocas, kills Diabolique.

In Detail

The Dilemma Diabolique Trial is an incarnate trial that takes place in the Moth Cemetery. There is no contact for this trial, though it could be argued that Prometheus is your contact. However, rather than going to anyone for a mission, the players use the Team-Up Teleporter to find other interested players.

Phase 1

The trial starts on a bone path leading into a plateau of the cemetery. Along the path are four Repulsive Spines protected by Banished Pantheon. The incarnates must defeat all four spines to progress to the next level.

If all four spines are defeated within one minute of each other, the Spinebreaker badge will be awarded at the completion of the trial.

As spines are being weakened:

Phase 2

After defeating all four spines, the incarnates proceed to the plateau, where seven heroes are being held in thrall. Not all heroes will be available each time. Each hero is marked on the map and protected by another spine and a group of Banished Pantheon. For each hero, incarnates must defeat the Banished Pantheon, click on the spine to release the hero, then defeat the hero to save him/her. Only four heroes may be saved in this stage, and each neglected hero awards a specific power to Sentinel in the later battle.

Starting from the south, and going clockwise in a circle, the captured heroes, and the powers they can grant the Sentinel, are:

  • Citadel or Infernal: +RES, +DEF, Hold
  • Positron or Valkyrie*: +DEF, +Regen, -DMG
  • Numina or Swan: +ToHit, +RNG, Heal/DMG Field
  • Sister Psyche or Luminary: +Regen, +RES, DMG Pulse
  • Manticore or Aurora Borealis*: +RNG, +ToHit, Weaken
  • Synapse or Ms. Liberty*: +RECH, +DMG, EndDrain
  • Back Alley Brawler or Mynx*: +DMG, +RECH, Fear
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

To receive the Sentinel Smasher badge, incarnates must rescue, in any order: Positron/Valkyrie, Manticore/Aurora Borealis, Synapse/Ms. Liberty, and Back Alley Brawler/Mynx.

Note that defeating the guards around a hero's spine "locks in" the choice of that hero as one of the four to be saved.

After freeing four heroes, The Sentinel of Mot will spawn on the plateau, containing one of the three remaining captured heroes, and must be defeated. When the Sentinel reaches 50/100 health, the contained hero will be freed, removing that hero's bonus powers from the Sentinel.

Once the Sentinel has been defeated, there is an untimed segment during which additional instructions may be given. However, as soon as a single incarnate enters the maw, the next phase begins.

Once the Heroes are freed:

Near the end of the battle:

Upon defeat of the Sentinel:

Phase 3

Upon entering the maw, players are given five minutes during which they must survive the onslaught. If at any point in the five minutes there are no living incarnates within the region, the trial is failed. A new wave of Banished Pantheon and Demons of Diabolique will spawn every 30 seconds during this portion.

Phase 4

At the end of the five minutes, the incarnates are teleported into another dimension where Diabolique waits, along with the two remaining captured Heroes under her control. Any players previously defeated in Phase 3 will be automatically resurrected with full health and endurance. She will give an in-game monologue, then become targetable for defeat.

Every 30 seconds during this battle, four Lifegiving Essences will spawn in the room. At the end of the 30 seconds, Diabolique will consume any undefeated essences, healing herself by 10%. Defeating the essences, on the other hand, awards a league-wide heal over time and rezzes allies?. After Diabolique consumes any remaining essences, four more will spawn. The Life and Death badge is awarded for preventing Diabolique from consuming a single Lifegiving Essence during the battle.

The Sacrificial Lamb badge is earned by defeating Diabolique without defeating either of the controlled heroes. Heroes do not possess the Scaling power making them fairly easy for a League to defeat accidentally with indiscriminate attacks despite their Level Shifts.

Any players who are defeated during this phase will strengthen Diabolique's damage and resistances, making her increasingly harder to defeat. If more than 20 defeats are accumulated in Phase 4, Diabolique will automatically defeat the entire league and the trial ends.

On the defeat of Diabolique, players view a cutscene and then receive trial rewards, including all badges earned during the trial.

Upon defeat of Diabolique:

Balloon.png Dream Doctor: Your league has done enough for today. I can handle the last part.

Dream Doctor: I do. The Dagger of Jocas will sever all ties to that which sustains you. You will simply cease to be.

Dream Doctor: I do.

Notable NPCs

Please note that all Archvillains and Heroes will be level 54(+3). Almost all other enemies will be level 54(+2), with some ambushes at level 54(+1). Level Shift and Incarnate Shifts are recommended to defeat them.

Six of the following Heroes (four in one phase, two in final phase):



Badge it dea complete.png Death Denied   Complete the Dilemma Diabolique Trial.
Badge it dea achievement.png Spinebreaker   Destroy all four Repulsive Spines within one minute of each other during phase 1
Badge it dea achievement.png Sentinel Smasher   After rescuing Positron (or Valkyrie), Manticore (or Aurora Borealis), Synapse (or Ms. Liberty), and Back Alley Brawler (or Mynx) during phase 2, defeat the Sentinel of Mot
Badge it dea achievement.png Sacrificial Lamb   Defeat Diabolique without defeating the two heroes under her control during the final battle
Badge it dea achievement.png Life and Death   Defeat Diabolique without allowing her to heal from a single Lifegiving Essence during the final battle
Badge it dea master.png
Master of Dilemma Diabolique   Earn the Spinebreaker, Sentinel Smasher, Sacrificial Lamb, and Life and Death badges.



  • Incarnate Threads drop instead of Incarnate Shards.
  • Upon successful completion of this trial, each character is presented with a reward table allowing them to choose one reward from several options. There is a participation threshold that must be met in order to receive an Incarnate Component table instead of a 10 Threads or one Super-level inspiration "consolation prize".
    • If a character surpasses this threshold, the rarity of the component reward is a random roll. The options available will either be a choice of: one Common component or two Super-level inspirations, one Uncommon component or three Super-level inspirations, one Rare component or four Super-level inspirations, or one Very Rare component or five Super-level inspirations.
  • A random Uncommon Incarnate Component is awarded the first time each achievement badge is qualified for.
  • A random Rare Incarnate Component is awarded the first time the Master of Dilemma Diabolique badge is qualified for.


  • Two Empyrean Merits will be awarded upon successful completion of the Trial once per 20 hour period.
    • Any successive completion of the Trial within that 20 hour window will instead award one Empyrean Merit. This functionality is essentially the Incarnate Trial version of Merit Reward Diminishing Returns.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately for freeing the fourth hero during Phase 2.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately for defeating the Sentinel of Mut during Phase 2.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately for completing the objectives of Phase 3.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately for defeating Diabolique during Phase 4.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be rewarded at the end of the trial for running as an Open League.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Spinebreaker badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Sentinel Smasher badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Sacrificial Lamb badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Life and Death badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.