Drowning in Blood

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Drowning in Blood
Hero and Villain Trial
Team Size 4-8 players
Level Range 15-50

BloodyBayTrial Complete.png Sibling Rivalry
BloodyBayTrial Meteors.png Sidereal Researcher

BloodyBayTrial SimultaneousDefeat.png Brotherly Love
Enemy Groups Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
V badge Neo-Shivan.png Neo-Shivans
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Drowning in Blood (DiB) is a trial available to both heroes and villains from levels 15-50. Players can queue individually or in groups for Drowning in Blood via the Team-Up Teleporter.

Drowning in Blood is set in Bloody Bay, where participants seek to liberate the island from the Neo-Shivans. Civilians and Shivans alike can be rescued as the participants reclaim the island and progress toward the final battle.

While not technically cooperative play, the trial is the same for both heroes and villains except for who assists by caption popups. Note that vigilantes may not participate in villain trials, and rogues may not participate in hero trials.


Although the trial is completed within a single mission, it is divided like most trials into separate segments. All segments exist on the same map level, but moving between the first three segments requires all characters on the team to individually speak with Commander Nostromo (for heroes) or Commander Sulaco (for villains) to receive a teleport to the next segment.

To receive the Sidereal Researcher badge, a team member must first speak to an NPC on the Boardwalk: Villains, a Night Widow spy; Heroes, a Longbow Scientist. Then, during the mission, any team member must click each of the 4 glowing meteors, one in each segment. The entire team will receive the badge when the last meteor is clicked.


In the first segment, the characters must clear Freakshow and Neo-Shivans from the city streets. After clearing 81 enemies, the Commander appears as a red X on the map.

Meteor Teen is located in this segment.

Ground Zero

After teleporting into Ground Zero, the characters must defeat Circle of Thorn and Neo-Shivans throughout the graveyard, freeing citizens and disrupting the rituals being performed. There are 3 rituals to disrupt, 3 civilians to free, and 57 enemies to defeat. Afterwards, the Commander again appears as a red X on the map.

Badge question mark.png
Pacified Shivan


You have spoken with one of us, so you have spoken with all of us... That encounter has given us great hope... What may I do for you...?

  • I have a few questions.
  • Tell me of this Mother.

The great Mother flies through the Heavens and we were her children. . . We were forced from her and left to die here, though die we did not. . . We have grown different during our time here. . . Because of that difference grown within us, we can no longer hear her song but it does not matter. . . Because she has wed the Dark Father she sings no longer. . .

  • Tell me of this 'Dark Father'.

"He is greedy and gluttonous and has chased our Mother across the Heavens since time immemorial. . . Now She is His and we are orphaned. . . We hate him for all he has done and for all he has yet to do. . . Now that Mother has been made one of His brides, he turns his attention to the Blue Maiden. . .

  • 'Blue Maiden'? You mean Earth?
We do not know who or what she is. . . We heard her name hissing on the thoughts of our brothers as they came to slaughter us. . .
  • What was the Circle of Thorns doing to you?

They sought to poison us with their magic. . . Being free of will and thought we were vulnerable to the call of their Leash. . .

  • That's all.

Meteor Ek is in this segment.

Forgotten Forest

Within the Forgotten Forest, characters must defeat 5 groups of 9 Neo-Shivans (and something else?). Doing so leads them directly to the Dead Coast; no further discussion with the Commander is required.

Meteor Panch is in this segment.

Dead Coast

On the Dead Coast, a single Shivan Obliterator (Giant Monster) waits. When this creature is reduced to 50%, he splits into two identical Obliterators, each of which is at 50% health.

After the brothers are defeated, the Commander spawns at the junction of the Forgotten Forest and the Dead Coast with an optional debriefing. Note that multiple characters may not be able to complete the debriefing, as the Commander will may? leave when the interaction is complete.

Meteor Jay is in this segment.

Final Debriefing


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Your choice of one of four temporary powers. The powers last for one week in-game time or until level 30:


File:BloodyBayTrial Meteors.png Sidereal Researcher

You have furthered our understanding of the Shivan by collecting samples from Bloody Bay.

File:BloodyBayTrial SimultaneousDefeat.png Brotherly Love

You defeated both Shivan Obliterators at the end of Drowning in Blood within 30 seconds of each other.

File:BloodyBayTrial Complete.png Sibling Rivalry

You have completed the Challenge Trial: Drowning in Blood.