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Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-912, -53, -1301)
Level Range 8
Introduced By Calvin Scott
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Elana is a Praetorian contact in the Logos neighborhood of Imperial City at coordinates (-912, -53, -1301) ..


Contact Introduced By

Speak with Elana about the Underground Calvin Scott

There's a man in our main base in Imperial City named Hatchet. He's stared into the face of death so many times that he doesn't even flinch anymore. He's looking for help in moving forward some big operations of ours in Imperial City and is looking for people who aren't afraid to 'get their hands dirty' for our cause.

Hatchet is the next contact in the Crusader storyline for the Resistance. Crusaders are ruthless members of the Resistance who are willing to do whatever it takes to bring down Cole. Some whisper that certain members of the Crusaders don't even care about the goals of the Resistance - they just enjoy creating chaos. Perfect. You'll want to first meet with a woman named Elana; she'll give you the directions to get down into our base in Imperial.

Contact Introduces


Prior to Introduction

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Initial Contact

Character. Heard of you. We need to make this quick. Here.
Elana hands you a slip of paper with directions scribbled on its back. At the very bottom it reads, 'good until tomorrow'. These must be directions to get into the base in Imperial City.


Too Busy

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Too Low Level

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No More Missions

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Story Arc

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