Energy Room

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All information on this page is current as of Issue 13.

An Energy Room is required for the placement of any Base's main energy producing Base Items as well as any Energy Auxiliary Base Items that require a connection to a main Energy Base Item. In short, anything providing power to a Base that isn't a backup power supply needs an Energy Room to place it in.

All Energy Rooms allow unlimited auxiliary items and decorations, 1 storage item and 1 anchor.


Note: Numbers after Titles are for paragonwiki designation. Base Editor has no numeric Titles.

Name Price Dimensions Energy Items Defense
Oversight Center 50,000 prestige 3x3 Only Combo Unit 0
Energy Terminal 1 100,000 prestige 2x2 1 0
Energy Terminal 2 190,000 prestige 2x4 1 0
Energy Station 1 162,500 prestige 3x3 2 0
Energy Station 2 250,000 prestige 4x4 2 0
Secure Energy Station 253,000 prestige 3x4 2 2
Secure Generator Room 374,000 prestige 4x5 2 4
Secure Generator Plant 646,000 prestige 5x7 2 8
Secure Generator Core 935,000 prestige 8x8 2 16