Enhancement Catalyst Salvage

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Enhancement Catalysts are special salvage pieces that allow a player to increase the effectiveness of an enhancement. Currently, only Archetype Enhancements and Winter Enhancements utilize this function. Catalysts are obtained from Super Packs, from the Reward Merit Vendor, and also as rare drops on a 20 hour cooldown for characters once they have reached level 50.

Note: Standard and Catalyzed Enhancements do not contribute to each other's Set Bonuses. Having two standards and one Superior of the same set will not count as a 3-slotted set, but rather a 2-slotted standard and 1-slotted Superior.

Sometimes, intentionally frankenslotting this way may be useful. For example, Corruptor Scourging Blast and Defender Vigilant Assault both offer a 6.25% global recharge bonus for slotting 3 of the set in one power and can be stacked with the 10% global recharge bonus from slotting 3 of Superior Scourging Blast or Superior Vigilant Assault (in the same power as each other, but not necessarily in the same power as the 3 non-Superior ATOs). As the set "proc" effectiveness is increased when catalyzed it would be advisable to include the "proc" IO in the 3 Superior IOs slotted.


This salvage can be combined in the Enhancement management screen, with a suitable slotted Enhancement if the character is level 50. This will result in a superior version of that Enhancement that has significantly improved stats and set bonuses.

To use this salvage, enter your enhancement management screen. Click on the power that contains the slotted enhancement. Once in the combine screen, click on the enhancement you wish to upgrade. This will cause the enhancement to slide into the left combine slot and will cause the Enhancement Catalyst salvage to appear in this screen. Click the Enhancement Catalyst to cause it to slide into the right combine slot. Click Combine to complete.


A Catalyst can also be used to make an IO Attuned. However, note that this is almost always more expensive than unslotting the one you have got, selling it, and buying an attuned IO from the Auction House; and is actively harmful on Very Rare IO Sets which get no benefit from attunement and cannot then be boosted.