Hero 1

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This article is about the signature character. For the developer, see Hero 1 (Developer).
Hero 1
Omega Team Leader
Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown
Affiliation Dawn Patrol
Omega Team
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Lady Jane[1]
Known Family Hero One (father)
Primary Powers Unknown
Secondary Powers Unknown
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Regarded as one of the bravest warriors to participate in the Rikti War, Hero 1 followed in the footsteps of Great Britain's Hero One. A member of the Dawn Patrol, he was also a member of the Vanguard and led a team of 50 heroes and villains known as the Omega Team into the Rikti's home dimension in order to thwart the alien invasion. Unfortunately, the mission seems to have cost Hero 1 his life.

Hero 1's final fate remains unknown, but it is assumed that he gave his life in the Rikti home dimension in order to save his beloved earth. To honor and remember the selfless sacrifices of Hero 1 and the rest of Omega Team, the Statesman asked all heroes to remove their capes; this symbolic gesture held incredible power because Hero 1's flowing, flag-bearing cape had become symbolic of courage and heroism. The moratorium on wearing capes has only recently been lifted.



After his father, Hero One died, the rough and tumble bloke from London who would become Hero 1 was hesistant at taking up the mantle and legacy of his predecessor. The key to the mantle was blood, of which all who bore the legacy was descended from the same bloodline, of which their ancestory could be traced back to the ancient fae of England. The fae were charged long ago to keep Excalibur safe, and so the responsibilities fell to the son.

Initially, he did not want the responsibility that came with being a super-powered hero, and was angry and upset at the course his father had laid out for him. But when he found the cave where the Lady of the Lake, his future patron was, she calmed him down, seeing who he would become in the future and so his destiny was changed forever. The power from the Lady along with the sword Excalibur empowered him greatly, although he was unaware he was what would later be known as an Incarnate.

With the Rikti War underway, Crey's Folly is the last place Hero 1 and Statesman met before their last parting. As there was only a few minutes left before the fatalistic Alpha and Omega Gambit plan, they decided not to say their goodbyes to each other. A plaque exists to commemorate their last meeting.

Before journeying to the Rikti Homeworld, Hero 1 knew well it was unlikely he would return from Omega Team's primary mission, and so he entrusted the sword Excalibur to Miss Liberty. There was controversy among the fae who questioned this decision, but Hero 1 was resolute in his choice. It is unknown why he chose Miss Liberty, but those who fought by her side believe it was her unflagging desire to do the right thing. Miss Liberty would in turn, pass it down to her daughter, Ms. Liberty. Again, there was heated argument among the fae, but for the moment, they seem to be content in letting the sword reside with her. Although she cannot wield the sword, Ms. Liberty carries it at her side waiting for the day when Hero 1 returns.

The City Representative in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park, inside the City Hall, will introduce the player to people who knew Hero 1 during her cape mission. Players will learn that Hero 1, together with the Omega Team, made a time capsule. The city opened it on the seventh anniversary of the heroes' sacrifice, 27th November 2009, seven years after the end of the Rikti War.

In Issue 10, Hero 1 re-appears in the new Rikti War Zone Task Force as the Rikti Warrior 'The Honoree'. Before Issue 10 was released, he appeared on the last page of Issue #19 comic, and was seen at the end of a trailer for the update as The Honoree.

Time Capsule

When the Omega Team time capsule was opened on November 27, 2009 Hero 1's letter was inside:

(From the Official Website, November 27, 2009)
To my Lady, Queen and Country,

If you are reading this I am likely dead.

I was a hero once. The name they gave me was Hero 1. There were others before me and will be others after, but this is who I am now and forever.

I have been blessed with an amazing life. Ever since I found the cave and the Lake, nothing has ever been the same. I have tried my best to live up to the ideals of the Table and those who once sat around it. I draw my power from them and I've always believed that meant they have some way of knowing who I am and what I've tried to become in their shining image.

Our world is under attack by an alien threat. The invaders come through portals and few can do anything to stop them. I believe I can help. I've talked with Statesman about a plan. These Rikti are vulnerable to magic and I intend to lead a team and travel into their portals to shut them down from the inside. It's a one way trip and I won't be coming back.

Statesman, in true form, wants to do nothing more than to attack these creatures head on. He doesn't fully agree with my plan, nor do I agree with his brazen America approach to the problem. But, if I succeed, someone will have to stay behind to protect humanity from itself. Who better than the indomitable Statesman?

We are now two teams: Alpha and Omega. Everything is always Greek with him. I have left the sword Excalibur with his granddaughter, Ms. Liberty. She reminds me the most of myself at that age and I know she'll protect it well. There was no way I was going take such a sword to an alien world so far from my Lady. I hope such a choice does not weaken me.

If this is truly my last entry to this world I want to say that second chances are possible. I'm living proof of that. I had no right to enter the Lake or to speak with Her. I was angry, arrogant and upset at the course my father had laid out for me. Yet, She wasn't upset, but was calm and soothing. She saw me and saw what I could become - what I have become.

When I hold that sword I know who I am... I'm a hero. The first, the last... the one.

Stay True
Hero 1

When the cape mission was updated to reflect the opening of the Omega Time Capsule, Hero 1 made a personal appearance as a ghostly image, which was a protective ward the real Hero 1 had placed on the Omega Time Capsule prior to leaving for his final mission with Omega Team. The protective ward would entrust heroes to find Hero 1's letter which the Rikti had stolen, and return it to the capsule.

In Issue 19, Hero 1 appears again as the Honoree in Mender Ramiel's arc, where the player retrieves him from the Rikti in the course of learning about Incarnates, and leaves him in the care of Vanguard. A ghostly Time Echo of the Honoree also appears along with many other signature characters in the first mission of the arc, where his description hints that he might soon be freed from his corrupted state, possibly restored to his original identity.




While Statesman somewhat resembles Captain America, Hero 1 bears an even stronger resemblance to Captain Britain.


  1. Montague Castanella implies Hero 1 and Lady Jane were "more than just teammates" during his storyarc Lost and Found.