Hyper-Advanced Clockwork

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This information is about unimplemented features that were confirmed via one or more methods, but might have changed significantly before being released.


Hyper-Advanced Clockwork or HAC was a proposed Praetorian Epic Archetype that was never implemented. All that remains in the game are unused Inherent powers.

Power Sets

The intended Powersets of Hyper-Advanced Clockwork are unknown. Similar to other Epic Archetypes, it is likely they would not have access to Ancillary or Patron Power Pools.

Inherent Powers

Inherent BuffEffects.png Android Form

Hyper-Advanced Clockwork have three modes of Operation: Standard, Offensive Mode or Defensive Mode. These are controlled by a pair of Toggle powers. When neither is engaged, the HAC uses standard modifiers, which favor Buff, Debuff and Movement powers. If the Offense Mode toggle is engaged, then the focus shifts, becoming weaker to Buff, Debuff and Movement values, but Recharge, To Hit and Damage are increased. In Defensive Mode, the ATmods shift, becoming weaker to Buff, Debuff and Movement values, but stronger to Damage Resistances, Status changes and Regeneration. HAC's are harder to heal and are vulnerable to Electro-Magnetic effects.

Type Archetype-Specific (Hyper-Advanced Clockwork)
Effects Self Res Heal, Special

Temporary Mayhem SelfResurrect.png System Reboot

If you are defeated , you activating this power which will restore you so you may continue the battle. You will revive with about half of your Hit Points and Endurance. You will be invulnerable for a brief time, and protected from XP Debt for 20 seconds. Note that System Reboot is unaffected by Recharge Time changes.

Type Archetype-Specific (Hyper-Advanced Clockwork)
Effects Self Rez, Special

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