Imperial City

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Imperial City
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Praetorian City Zone (9-15)

Trainers: Nightstar
Trial / TF Contacts: none
Events: Syndicate Takedown
Exploration Badges: Gold Digger, Mercy Missionary, Park Ranger, Praetorian of Privilege, Seen, Seer, Tiberian Overseer, Tuned In, Going Rouge, River Rat, Rail Rider
Plaque Badges: Headjuiced VI, VII, VIII, IX, X
Day Jobs: Professor, Caregiver / Pain Specialist, Banker / Thief, Day Trader / Marketeer
Enemies: Destroyers, The Resistance, Praetorian Police Department, Syndicate, Praetorian Clockwork, Seers
Connecting Zones: Nova Praetoria, Neutropolis, Underground Imperial, Pocket D
Transits: Cole Transport Authority, TUNNEL System
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Official Background

(Copied from the City of Heroes Going Rogue official web site)

Imperial City, the glittering jewel in Praetoria's crown, is the commercial and entertainment hub where Praetorians go to work and play. But Imperial City is more than a glitzy showcase for Praetorian amusements and entrepreneurial endeavors. It is also the site of one of the first victories against Hamidon and the Devouring Earth. At the location now dubbed People's Park, Marcus Cole and his trusty lieutenants, the Praetors, dealt the Devouring Earth a major blow, and the park now stands as a symbol of nature reclaimed. The city grew around this reclaimed territory, a testament to Marcus Cole's vision of Imperial City as a place of recreation and comfort for his people.

Imperial City features the vibrant entertainment district of Aureas, where highly regarded stage dramas, musicals, and comedies draw crowds from across the Empire. The headquarters of the world's preeminent media conglomerate, the Total Praetoria Network (TPN), which disseminates a constant flow of information, education, and entertainment to the masses, lies in Imperial City's Logos district. A companion ministry to TPN is the Cultural Direction & Education Center, which crafts the message of the Empire for public consumption. The CDEC offers a multitude of courses for the public covering a wide array of topics, in addition to being the publishing arm of the Empire and distributor of Marcus Cole's seminal work of political theory, An Empire of the Mind, throughout the world. As is stated in book 3, chapter 12, page 482 of An Empire of the Mind: "Knowledge is a sword that bests all enemies."

The lavish neighborhood of Four Gables stands as a reminder of what benefits may come to those who have established themselves in the corporate arena and who bring glory (and lucre) to the Empire, though not every enclave in Imperial City is so joyous. It is a sad fact that while Hamidon and the Devouring Earth have been defeated and the sonic pylons continue to keep them at bay, their dread influence can extend into the hearts and minds of every innocent Praetorian in the form of the Tellurian Plague. Borne by spores exuded from the Devouring Earth monstrosities, the plague exerts a malign influence upon the minds, and ultimately the bodies, of those infected. For the safety of the Empire and for the plague victims themselves, Marcus Cole has established the Behavioral Adjustment Facility to house the afflicted, to treat the disease, and also to devise a cure. Unfortunately, a cure has yet to emerge, and until that wonderful day arrives, the guests of the B.A.F. are forced to remain sequestered within.

Not all of those who are drawn to the bright lights of Imperial City come for its entertainment value or its world class restaurants. Imperial City, above all, is Marcus Cole's gift to the people of Praetoria, and he will not have that gift sullied by thugs and usurpers. But even with the supreme investigatory skills of the PPD and the Powers Division, a pervasive criminal element blights Cole's perfect city. The global criminal cabal dubbed the Syndicate has insinuated itself into Praetoria's corporate establishment, using bribes, intimidation, and guile to pervert Praetoria's noble purpose toward the Syndicate's own ends. Though, arguably, not as great a threat to the peace of Praetoria as the Resistance is, the Syndicate is an affront to Cole's vision of a world founded upon honor, merit, and the rule of law. Wherever its influence spreads, corruption and deviance are the only result.



Regular Contacts


Warden Arc


Power Arc

Responsibility Arc

Power Arc

Notable NPCs


  • Aureas (Yellow – Level 11-12, Orange – Level 12-13) (Music)
  • Behavioral Adjustment Facility (Red – Level 13-15) (Music)
  • Four Gables (Red – Level 13-14) (Music)
  • Industry Avenue (Yellow – Level 11-12) (Music)
  • Logos (Green – Level 9-10) (Music)
  • People's Park (Green – Level 9-10) (Music)
  • Tiberian Bluff (Red – Level 14-15) (Music)

Exploration Badges

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Gold Digger

In Aureas, ground is being broken on new office towers to support Praetoria's ever burgeoning economy. Witness the tireless Clockwork who labor continuously to bring the dream of Praetoria to life.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Mercy Missionary

You have visited the Behavioral Adjustment Facility to extend a helping hand to the lost souls housed within. It took great courage to enter this forbidden area, braving the sonic fence and the hordes of belligerent guards on your mission of mercy.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Park Ranger

People's Park was established as a place of peace and recreation for the citizens of Praetoria. By patrolling it you do a service to Praetoria and its people.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Praetorian of Privilege

For those who have contributed greatly to the prosperity of Praetoria, they are given the opportunity to relocate to the rarified air of Four Gables; a place of luxury and comfort.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Seen

This is the part of the city where exposure is prime real estate. It's the place to see and be seen.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Seer

Blind yet seeing and casting judgment yet mindless of the crime; the Seer is the instrument of control and the constant threat of the Emperor's displeasure.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Tiberian Overseer

From this high perch the Tiberian Overseer casts their gaze across the city-state of Praetoria, taking in its beauty while seeking out the corruption that threatens it.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Tuned In

The Total Praetorian Network is the best source of news and entertainment. Well, the best LEGAL source for news and entertainment, anyway.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Going Rouge

Rita Mayfair's cosmetic biochemistry and plastic surgery skills perfectly compliment her taste and sense of style. She is so good, there are rumors in shadowy corners that she even taught the elusive Doppelganger a thing or two.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png River Rat

An invigorating swim in the rich, clear waters of Praetoria always perks you up.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Rail Rider

It is every Praetorian citizen's duty to preserve the environment by utilizing public transit as much as possible. Praetor Berry thanks you for your patronage.

Historical Plaques

File:Badge History.png Headjuiced

You followed all the fruity crumbs and peeped the 20 lessons brought to you by the letter 'Resistance.' Whether or not you chomp-a-chomp on this tasty knowing is up to you, but now you know it's time for the other half of the battle.

The following additional plaques are currently not associated with any known history badge:

Day Jobs

File:Badge DayJob Scholar.png Professor

Hero: Your studies at the Universities of Paragon City during your free time has earned you the Professor Day Job. Logging out in a University will earn you a random piece of Tech Salvage, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

Villain: Your studies at the universites of the Rogue Isles during your free time has earned you the Professor Day Job. Logging out in a University will earn you a random piece of Tech Salvage, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

Hero or Resistance-Specific
File:Badge DayJob Banker.png Banker

Your time spent working with the financial institutions of Paragon City during your free time has earned you the Banker Day Job. Logging out in a Vault will earn you an Influence Bonus, when you log back, in each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Day Trader

Your time spent working at Wentworth's has earned you the Day Trader Day Job. Logging out in Wentworth's will grant you a Brain Storm Idea upon mission completion for as long as this power has time remaining.

File:Badge DayJob CareGiver.png Caregiver

You have spent a great deal of time working in the hospitals of Paragon City during your free time earning the Caregiver Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

Villain or Loyalist-Specific
File:Badge DayJob Banker.png Thief

Your time spent staging heists on the various financial institutions of the Rogue Isles has earned you the Thief Day Job. Logging out in a Vault will earn you an Infamy Bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Marketeer

Your time spent supplying the Black Market has earned you the Marketeer Day Job. Logging out near a Black Market will grant you a power that will allow you to teleport to a Black Market of your choice, when you log back in.

File:Badge DayJob PainSpecialist.png Pain Specialist

Your expertise in surgery and understanding pain has earned you the Pain Specialist Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.


  • Vendor 25-378 (Training)
  • Vendor 53-276 (Training)
  • Vendor 62-397 (Training)

Transfer Points

Note that only Primal Earth characters can use the TUNNEL System.

Enemy Groups


  • This zone was added to the game for all characters in Issue 18.

Zone Events

Syndicate Takedown


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