Incarnate Trial Component Drop Rate

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Drops Rank Drop Rate
29 Common 32%
34 Uncommon 38%
17 Rare 19%
10 Very Rare 11%

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  • To avoid a situation where many people edit this page to just add one drop, or two people edit at once cancelling each other's edits, please post your logs in the Talk page instead. Rebuild this table only after we have a decent amount of new data. If you modify this page without posting the proper data in the Talk page, your changes might be reverted on the next table "build".
  • The drop rate was last changed in the April 26th 2011 patch. Any drops before then are obsolete.
  • Trial badges will drop a random Uncommon or Rare component; if you are parsing logs for drops, make absolutely sure that you don't include those.
  • The "10 threads" reward table appears when the game has determined you did not participate enough in the event to get a Component reward. Ignore them.