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The Lore Slot is one of the third "levels" of the Incarnate System which launched with Issue 19. The Lore Slot includes an Incarnate Shift at higher tiers.

Lore Slot Benefits

The Lore Slot is unlocked by accumulating Psychic Incarnate Experience once the Judgement Slot is unlocked.

Once the Lore Slot is unlocked, the character can fill the Lore Slot with a Lore Slot Ability which summon essences from the Well of the Furies in the form of vanquished foes to battle by your side. These pets are controllable using the Mastermind interface, even to non-Mastermind characters. They spawn at -1 to the character's level, but inherit any Level Shift or Incarnate Shift the character possesses.

The Unlocking Process

The normal course of unlocking the Lore Slot follows this general plan:

  1. Accumulating 2,250,000 Psychic Incarnate Experience to unlock the Lore Slot.
  2. Determine which Lore Slot Ability works best for said character. That will determine which Incarnate Components are required to craft.
  3. Run Incarnate Trials, endgame Task Forces, or missions in Dark Astoria to get certain Incarnate Components. Alternatively, a character can accumulate enough Incarnate Threads from defeating level 50+ foes in order to craft the Components necessary.
  4. Craft and equip the Lore Slot Ability.
  5. The character can now work towards another or a higher tiered Lore Slot Ability.

Lore Slot Mechanics

  • Characters can switch between Lore Abilities by simply equipping a new ability. The old ability is not lost, but simply switched out. There is a 5 minute cool down between equips. Also, equipping an ability is prohibited by being in combat and may require additional cool down time or leaving the mission to equip.
    • The Lore Ability cannot be slotted or changed in Ouroboros.
  • Higher-tier Lore Abilities consume a lower tier ability when crafted. Characters can have several higher-tiered abilities, but if they're in the same 'tree', then they'll have to re-craft the lower tiered ability again for each higher-tiered ability they want to have.

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