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Malta Agent
Zone Unknown (Phone Only)
Level Range 50
Introduced By Mu'Vorkan
Introduces Praetor Duncan
Enemy Groups Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard
Badges Mission DA Arc Complete.png Knife Butcher
Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Nanite Man
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Max is a hero and villain contact in Dark Astoria. His level range is 50. He is available by phone only.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces


Malta Agent

The man named Max, which most likely is not his real name, is an agent for Malta. His task has usually been political subversion and not combat out in the field.

He has been allowed by his superiors to work together with you to take down the Knives of Vengeance.

Initial Contact

You hear a familiar voice over the phone. It's Max, the man you rescued within Dark Astoria.

Howdy, Character. Now, I should come clean with you, I think you deserve that. Well, I mean, you'll figure things out, anyway. Here's the deal. I have vast information on the Knives of Vengeance, including where their base is. Now, you might be wondering, how do I have that information?

Have you ever heard of a group called Malta? Of course you have, that was a joke. I know all about your involvement in stopping our projects. Now, you could say that I'm one of their representatives; less of the shooting kind and more of the political subversion kind.

Now, the Knives of Artemis, you know, what they were before those gals were transformed, were a pocket group of Malta. Well, technically they were a cult that Malta hired, we won't get into the details on that. One day, we simply lost all communication with the group, except for one SOS...

You have to wonder, why exactly is a Malta agent telling you he is a Malta agent? Malta is either getting desperate, or there's something else to this plan.

  • Listen (A)
We sent in a team to investigate the SOS. It either meant the Knives were getting weaker, or they were compromised. That team never returned. We checked the records on our titans and saw the team was slaughtered by these so-called 'Knives of Vengeance'.
As I'm sure you know, Malta is fully equipped to deal with most super human situations. However, the Praetorian invasion and now this have shown that our technology has, for lack of a better word, become unsuitable for the situation at hand. Which is why I'm allowed to talk to you today.
The Knives of Artemis, as we know it, are gone. Since they were a Malta asset that has now gone rogue, it is partially our responsibility to handle them in a timely manner. However, with this dark god business in Astoria, we have to take some... extreme measures, like working with a super.
  • Alright, what has to be done? (B)
Our intel shows that the Knives of Vengeance transform former members of the Knives of Artemis within their training grounds, located in a discrete location in Tibet. Their base is well fortified and, well, filled with the monsters.
It would be incredibly difficult for someone, even an Incarnate class super like yourself to get in there. Which is why I have this proposal.
Three important members of Malta, Gyrfalcon, Director 11, and Slinger, all have detailed information on the training grounds. However, all of them are currently captured, and Malta is unable to recover them. Gyrfalcon is being held by the Reichsman, Director 11 within the most secure part of the Ziggurat, and Slinger is somewhere in Arachnos custody. If you can free each of them, they'll help you assault the training grounds in order to destroy the Knives of Vengeance, once and for all.
  • And if I refuse to help them?
Malta only wants this taken care of, Character, with or without the assets freed. We do not gain anything by having these monsters out further.
I can get you to the training grounds whenever you want. It's just going to be, well, let's just say we sent in our best men to take care of the situation, and they were all killed. The Knives put in preparations for an attack by Malta. They had devices that could disable our titans and any missile launches we attempted.
So, it's your choice. You can help break our boys free and go in there with full force, or be a cowboy and go in there alone.
You can choose to go to the final mission of this story arc whenever you wish. However, it will be very difficult to complete without the aid of the Malta agents, or without a team. If you skip to the end, the previous missions can be re-played through Ouroboros once the mission is completed.
  • Alright, what do we do?
We've got our boys to rescue, Character. Or, you can skip straight to the end, if you're thinking you can cowboy this thing and do it on your own.
  • Give me details on Director 11.
The Face of the PPD
Director 11 originally created our dealings with the Knives of Artemis. His knowledge of demolitions and on the foundations of the Knives of Vengeance's training grounds will prove extremely useful to the operation.
That's all of the details I know about Director 11's personality. I do have detailed information about his whereabouts, however. He's being kept in a secure part of the Ziggursky prison, which is, ironically, near the top.
We have an agent on the inside who can slip you in. However, it's up to you to deal with the Paragon Police that have been stationed there. From our reports, they've all been powered up by... well, something. We're not sure what it is, but they took out some of our boys with ease.
  • Alright, I can handle this.
  • Give me details on Gyrfalcon.
Rebuilding the Column
Gyrfalcon's rough with the field operatives, but he's known for always going in and getting them out of a bad situation, when it's called for. After the whole business with Reichsman, Gyrfalcon was captured again by 5th Column soldiers.
We have reason to believe that it was Reichsman himself leading the group that apprehended Gyrfalcon. Our intelligence reports indicate Reichsman is trying to rebuild his empowerment machine after the disaster that was his first attempt at an invasion.
We have a location on where Gyrfalcon is being held, however, it won't be easy to recover him. If we have him, however, he will prove extremely useful in the field against the Knives of Vengeance.
  • Hold on, Reichsman is free? How did that happen?
  • Give me details on Slinger.
Technology of the Future
Slinger was one of the best engineers that ever joined with Malta. To be honest, things haven't been the same without him. But I won't go on about that.
He was involved in an operation involving Arachnos and Project FURY's theoretical technology. Arachnos was pretty idiotic to think that they could hire Malta out as 'mercenaries' and not expect us to take anything back from them.
The tech Slinger made was brilliant, it was called the Orestes Rifle. It was designed to nullify magical artifacts that were connected to the Well of the Furies, and we have reason to believe that the Knives are in possession of such an item.
Unfortunately, Slinger was defeated by a group of villains and subsequently imprisoned by Arachnos.
We have reports that he's working on a project that Recluse seeks to use to empower not only himself, but his 'chosen' followers, believing that it will move forward his goal of using technology to circumvent the Well of the Furies.
  • What is this project?
  • I'm ready to fight the Knives of Vengeance.
The End of Vengeance
Alright, this isn't gonna be easy by a longshot, but it's the only shot we've got, eh? The Knives of Artemis make their homebase in a dojo out in the middle of nowhere, Tibet. How these Talons of Vengeance transformed them, I've got no idea, but these gals are all just twisted monsters. Whatever was left of their old, cold-blooded killer selves, are gone, replaced by... well, cold-blooded killers who are monsters. There's a distinct difference.
I'm not going to lie, Character, this is going to be a tough fight. You're going straight into the heart of their territory.
  • I can handle it. Tell me how to get there.
  • Leave
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Only the last mission needs to be done to meet the requirements of Taskmaster Gabriel. If the missions become inaccessible because the final mission was completed early, they can be completed using a Pillar of Ice and Flame. Depending on which Malta agent you choose to free, you will be taken to the corresponding mission below.

  • I'm not listening to another word from a Malta agent.
Now, I understand that, Character. How can you know this isn't an elaborate trick to kill you? We have plans within plans within plans... however, we're not sitting in some sort of spy novel here. This is wrath of God, end of the world type stuff; basically, a situation where Malta is willing to assign an agent to work together with a super to handle things. One agent, mind you.
Believe me, if it were possible for us to handle this, you would've never even seen the Knives of Vengeance out in the street, or heard of them. You'd be continuing on your merry way, never knowing that you were at risk. Now, do you want to know what happened, or should I just get straight to the point?
  • Alright, what happened with the SOS? (Go to 'A' )
  • Let's just get to the point. (Go to 'B' )


We've got our boys to rescue, Character. Or, you can skip straight to the end, if you're thinking you can cowboy this thing and do it on your own.

Too Busy

You're way too packed with tasks right now, Character. Believe me, we know.

No More Missions

After completing Max's primary mission:

Now that business is done with Character, Max can continue with his regular work for the Malta organization...

After completing all available missions:

You try to call Max, but all you receive is a message informing you that the line has been disconnected.




EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Max does not have a specific story arc or souvenir, nor is there a reward table at the end of his missions.

The Face of the PPD

Mission Acceptance

Good to see your morals as a hero won't get in the way of this. I should warn you about one last thing, Character.

Blue Steel sometimes patrols the area. Ever since the incident in Galaxy City, security around the prison has been upgraded tenfold. Even someone like you is going to have a hard time fighting Blue Steel alone. You might want to bring some pals along, should he show up.

We'll have a helicopter waiting on the roof of the Zig. Once you get Director 11, book it to the roof and we'll get him out of there.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The helicopter is waiting, Character. We're on a timetable, here.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map IOM THEZIG.png

You're led into the heart of the Zig, which was easy given your hero status. Now you'll just have to deal with the PPD that are guarding Director 11.

  • Break out Director 11
    • Defeat the Hyper Advanced Heracles to break Director 11 out of his prison
    • Get Director 11 to the roof of the Zig
    • Defeat Blue Steel to escape

You defeated Blue Steel and rescued Director 11!


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing Director 11, you will be ambushed by up to five groups of Paragon Police.

PPD Awakened: There's a breach, we can't let Director 11 escape!


Great work, Character. Director 11 is safe and sound and already has a plan set for attacking the base.

He also mentioned wanting to get some vengeance on those Praetorians, but he's assured us that operation will come afterwards. Hey, at least we're not going after you, right? Not that we would any time soon, given your display of power back there.

  • Let's discuss what's left.

Rebuilding the Column

Mission Acceptance

There was a massive attack by members of the 5th Column to release Reichsman some time ago. It looks like he had a back up plan in the event of his defeat.

Anyway, the main difficulty will be from the presence of Reichsman in the base.

There have also been strange reports of empowered 5th Column members entering the base, though our spies went silent afterwards. You'll want to be on your guard in there, it won't be easy to handle, especially if you're going in alone. Reichsman is going to be incredibly difficult to take down, even with your abilities. If you have some friends who can help you, now would be the time to call 'em in.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good luck in there, Character. Reichsman is powerful, even without his empowerment machine.

Mission Objective(s)


Malta air-lifted you to the entrance of this 5th Column base. Outside of the base were the unconscious bodies of several 5th Column soldiers. Is someone else after Gyrfalcon?

  • Rescue Gyrfalcon from the 5th Column
    • Defeat Reichsman to free Gyrfalcon
    • Defeat Reichsman and Requiem

You've rescued Gyrfalcon and defeated the combined might of Reichsman and Requiem!


Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs


Reichsman: Urgh... Requiem... I hadn't expected you to be this powerful.
Requiem: You could say my trip to Cimerora brought me back to my roots, Reichsman.
Requiem: It looks like your plans to use Gyrfalcon to rebuild your machine never became a reality...
Requiem: And now... you're barely as powerful as Statesman once was.

Requiem: My army... my power... and now, my life. But you failed on every attempt.
Requiem: From this day forward, Reichsman, YOU will serve ME, and I shall lead the 5th Column to TRUE power and REAL VICTORY!
Requiem: Our first order of business will be killing Character, then using our forces to absorb whatever monstrosity is boiling within Dark Astoria.


Gyrfalcon is back in action now. It seems like we'll have to keep our eyes on the 5th Column once again if Requiem has taken back full control.

Requiem's presence would explain the empowered 5th Column we heard about. Anyway, that's something we can worry about once the world isn't about to be devoured by a god of death, eh?

  • Let's get back to business.

Technology of the Future

Mission Acceptance

The project, Character, involves Reichsman's empowerment machine. Quick and dirty of it is that Reichsman used the empowerment machine to absorb the power from other versions of himself to increase his power.

In the ensuing chaos of Reichsman's initial invasion, the empowerment machine was destroyed. The reality of the situation, however, is that Black Scorpion managed to recover some of the blue prints to rebuild the machine. The only person that could fill in the blanks of the blue prints is our man, Slinger.

From what we can tell, Recluse plans on using it to absorb the power of Incarnate-level supers to spread throughout his army. Well, he actually already has done that; the Arachnos soldiers that are guarding the device have already been empowered by it.

We've also received word that Black Scorpion is there as well, and that Slinger has upgraded his armor to go toe to toe with Incarnates.

We can get you inside of that facility, but from there it's up to you to get inside, rescue Slinger from Black Scorpion, and destroy that empowerment machine. You're facing Arachnos that are going to be seriously powered up, Character. Be on your guard, and, possibly, bring along some folks you feel you can trust to have your back.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care off we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)


Several Malta agents guide you into the warehouse, then vanish without a word.

  • Recover Slinger from Arachnos
    • 2 Arbiters to defeat to unlock elevator to the lower level
    • Defeat Black Scorpion to free Slinger
    • Speak to Slinger
    • 4 bombs to arm to destroy the Empowerment machine

You rescued Slinger and destroyed the empowerment machine!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs


The Empowerment Machine

I've been holed up in so many Arachnos prisons that I can't wait to get outta here.

We've got to destroy this machine, though. I've gone through the ins and outs and this thing here is too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands.

I know that might be ironic, coming from me, Character, but the risks of this device far outweigh the benefits. You don't need to worry about this thing being rebuilt again, though. I'm gonna go through and destroy the blue prints Black Scorpion had, and without me, Arachnos doesn't have a shot at rebuilding this.

  • Did Recluse ever use this machine on himself?
Not yet, thankfully. He was using the soldiers here as test subjects. We went through a lot of iterations. First Arachnos soldier that went in here broke apart like a pinata at a birthday party.
After several iterations, I finally got it to work on these boys here, with the help of Arachnos having several super-powered Incarnates captured and ready to be tested on. The big test was hooking it up to Black Scorpion, which worked out well enough, though you still beat him to a pulp, eh?
Recluse was gonna be next on the list, but, well, that don't look like it's happening now. Operative Grillo and Dr. Aeon are gonna be dissappointed, that's for sure. They've been helping me develop the project for some time, though they can't match my know-how with the machine.
  • What other projects is Arachnos working on?
Only other big one I know about is being run by that fella, Vernon von Grun. He has been doing a lot of experiments on what he called a 'super devoured', a monster that was once a heroine called Pyriss. He's trying to piece together more about how the Devouring Earth operate and evolve.
Word is that he's made her more powerful than ever, may have even caused her personality to resurface. If it's true, then it's a huge step forward in the whole fight against the Devouring Earth, but that's the most that I know. Aeon and Grillo seemed to believe the project was a waste of resources.
  • How do I know you won't rebuild this for Malta?
Well, I suppose you don't, do you? However, with you here, I'm assuming it means that Malta is in a bad situation right now, probably with the Knives of Vengeance I've heard about, so I'll level with you about the nature of the machine.
You've gotta continually keep yourself powered to the machine. If you let it lapse for too long, you'll start to lose your power. Reichsman's stasis kept his power from waning since his body was in a suspended state, unlucky for us, eh? However, if you're active with this power, it'll start fading after a time. Black Scorpion is gonna go from being Incarnate armored scorpion to just a regular guy in a power suit pretty soon.
This limitation is something we can't allow in Malta. If we're going to evolve our technology, it's going to be in a method that's permanent with as little downsides as possible.
  • You're only going free if you tell me about the Orestes rifle.
Looks like you got me in a bind here, Character. I don't have any of my tools here to fight ya, so I'll just come clean.
This Orestes tech, it works by weakening the link between an incarnate item and a person. That's why it worked so well on Liberty, 'cause that belt of Hera was connected to the Well. This thing doesn't do jack to someone who is a regular Incarnate like Recluse, or whose magical item isn't directly connected to the Well of the Furies.
Of course, I could be lying to you, but we'll never know until the
  • We need to blow this thing up.
I agree. I'll step away and let you do the honors, Character.
  • (Blow the machine up)


Slinger is back in a safe house and is being debriefed on the situation. He believes that he can create what he calls an 'Orestes Field' to help in the fight against the Knives of Vengeance.

If these monsters are tied to the Well, that field is gonna give us a huge advantage against them.

  • Let's discuss other matters.

The End of Vengeance

Mission Acceptance

Your transportation to the area will be arranged. All you need to worry about is ripping out whatever is in the heart of the Knives of Vengeance.

You'll want to bring everything you've got on this one, Character. If you win here, it's gonna be a huge blow against Mot.

All I can do at this point is wish you good luck, because I won't waste any more words on this situation.

Unnecessary Solicitation

No time to back down now, Character.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Depending on which of Max's missions you've completed, the Malta agents helping you in this mission will vary. Any dialogue from or benefits of having an agent you did not rescue will not be present. Consequently, this mission could be substantially more difficult if you choose for it to be.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map KNIVES DOJO.png

You arrive in the secret base of the Knives of Vengeance and see... a member of the Praetorian Olympian Guard!

  • Destroy the Knives of Vengeance
    • Speak with the Olympian Guard
    • Destroy the source of the Knives of Vengeance
    • 3 bombs to arm to wipe out the Knives of Vengeance

You've destroyed the source of the Knives of Vengeance!


DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance

Notable NPCs


Character. I am Olympian 29, one of Emperor Cole's Olympian Guard.

I am here on the behalf of Praetor Duncan. We believe that a woman we are tracking, named Diabolique, is within this facility. However, I've determined this to be an extremely dangerous area.

I would suggest that you and I join together. I am here strictly to recover Diabolique and not to hamper your efforts.

  • How do I know I can trust you?
Because we are both after the same thing, in a sense. Praetor Duncan believes Diabolique's presence here has something to do with the Talons of Vengeance appearing, which would tie in with these Knives of Vengeance.
Emperor Cole himself as ordered Praetor Duncan and myself to get to the bottom of this. The Emperor has no desire to see Primal Earth destroyed by a god of death, Character.
For the will of the Emperor, I will not allow Mot or anyone else to destroy Primal Earth.
  • Alright, but where is Praetor Duncan?
  • Alright, Olympian 29, let's work together.
Olympian 29: I will follow you, Character.
  • Where is Praetor Duncan?
Praetor Duncan is in a safe location within Primal Earth. Her safety is of the upmost concern of mine, as ordered by her.
She is currently monitoring all of my activities, including the conversation you and I are currently having.
  • I'm not going to work together with you.
I must warn you, Character. If you do not work together with me, then you are making yourself my enemy, and I will be forced to respond as such.
Do not force my hand when all I wish is to act as your ally in this task.
  • Alright, Olympian 29, you can work with me.
Olympian 29: I will follow you, Character.
  • I still refuse!
Olympian 29: We could... have worked... together...


You try to call up Max only to receive a message that the number has been disconnected. It seems that with the destruction of the Knives, Malta no longer requires communication with you.

You do, however, see a message on your communicator from Praetor Duncan, who expresses interest in working together with you in tracking down Diabolique.

You remember Olympian 29's comment, which was that the Talons of Vengeance seemed to be here because of Diabolique, and that she had some connection to Mot. You'll have to see what Praetor Duncan knows on the matter, as this can either bring you one step closer to defeating Mot, or into a trap set by the Praetorians.

Praetor Duncan has been added to your contact list.


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Knife Butcher Badge.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png Knife Butcher

You destroyed the source of the Knives of Vengeance, ending both their reign and also whatever was left of the Knives of Artemis.

Personal Story

To Protect the Nation


Max has fulfilled the task that was assigned to him: eliminate the rogue Knives of Vengeance, using any means necessary, even if it means working with Character. As soon as the task was finished, Max received information on his next assignment: resume his identity as a colonel within the Vanguard, and infiltrate one of their bases located in Siberia.

The Malta organization discovered that Vanguard is holding Battle Maiden within that cell. Her expertise on nanite technology could prove incredibly useful to the organization, which is finding itself losing the battle of technology. They had sent their best trained men to deal with the Praetorians in Nerva Archipelago, only to find the Praetorians and Incarnate powered supers rolling over their technology.

The Director in charge of Praetorian conflict has confirmed that Emperor Cole has no intention of recovering Battle Maiden, not when she disobeyed a direct order and attacked the center of the city instead of a military target.

Max's mission is to recover Battle Maiden's halberd and, if he can manage it, Battle Maiden herself. Malta will then work with her to improve their technology in order to better handle Incarnate-powered threats.

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Max's Personal Story)

Mission Acceptance

Max accepts the mission and heads off to handle the situation in Siberia. He will assume his role as Colonel Vanderby, a decorated and honored member of the Vanguard, who helped fight in the second Rikti War and has earned several medals for bravery in the field.

Malta will leave a teleporter in the submarine he will be taking. The base has several layers of security doors made of impervium, ready to shut in at a moment's notice to prevent any breakouts. The teleporter will silently get Battle Maiden out and leave Max enough time to get out of the base before any suspicion is aroused.

Mission Objective(s)


Max, disguised as Colonel Vanderby, arrives at the Vanguad base in Siberia.

  • Retrieve Battle Maiden's Halberd
    • Speak with Battle Maiden via the Communication Computer

Battle Maiden has agreed to help Malta in their quest to upgrade their technology!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Contact Small Communication Computer.jpg
Communication Computer


Max activates the computer in order to communicate with Battle Maiden.

What do you want, worm? You are not one of the strong who bested me in battle, none of you deserve to be within my sight!

Marcus Cole of Praetoria shall return for me, and then I shall take delight in crushing you and your pathetic army one by one!

  • Whoah, easy there lady, I'm on your side.


Max explains to Battle Maiden the situation, being incredibly blunt about everything that's happening.

So... I have been betrayed by Marcus Cole. I cannot say I am surprised. He lacks the will to do what must be done to send fear into your enemies.

Your group, Malta, will give me my freedom if I agree to utilize my nanites in your favor? Hah! I suppose this could be an interesting venture, at least more interesting than where I currently am.

  • Do we have an agreement?

If it means getting out of here, then yes, we have an agreement, 'Colonel Vanderby'.

I accept your terms and swear to help your organization of Malta become true warriors!

  • ... Right, okay, well, let me get you outta this place.


Upon completing this mission you are awarded the Nanite Man Badge.

File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Nanite Man

You played through Max's personal story, witnessing the event where Malta recruited Battle Maiden to upgrade their technology with her nanites.