Mission:Tip - Smooth Metal

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Smooth Metal
Alignment Mission
Salvage TipIcon.png
Type Alignment Tip
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Villains and Rogues
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain or Rogue
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Smooth Metal (20-29)

You find some smooth metal. Touching it, something piques your interest.

Upon touching this uncommonly smooth metal, your mind is flooded with images of a shadowy realm. Streams of silver twist and flow through an unknown ether, pouring out into a hole ripped through time and space itself. The images show a canister that the flow is ending up in, shifting between liquid and solid at the blink of an eye. Standing next to this canister is a man making arcane gestures. Looking at him you feel an intense hatred, one so overpowering that you can think of nothing more than eviscerating him. As you begin to clench your fist, you drop the piece of metal.

Your senses come back to you as the metal falls to the ground. Whoever created this piece of metal intended for it to turn whoever holds it into some sort of uncontrollable monster. You're betting that there wasn't just one of these made - there must be many others. If you could get yourself the others, you could place them throughout the Isles to cause as much chaos and havoc as possible, allowing you to do whatever you please!

Then again, there could be some money to be made in this. You could sell this piece of metal to one of your many other competitors in the Isles, saying it is a new form of impervium. Then...you simply wait for the chaos to begin and then conveniently offer your services to put down whatever is happening!

Villain Acceptance

You wrap up the piece of metal and begin your investigating as to what its true source is.

You discover that it was made by the Banished Pantheon, who currently have a cavern where they're keeping the rest of these supplies.

They've gotten too overconfident, though, and aren't hiding their operations well-enough; meaning someone like you could easily bust into that cavern and take what you want!

  • Steal the metal from the Banished Pantheon!

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the chanting of the Pantheon all around the caverns. You're in the right place, at least.

  • Steal the metal from the Banished Pantheon!
    • Defeat the Pantheon Guardian to get your metal!
    • Destroy the protective cauldron to finish off the Guardian!
    • Now open the mystically sealed crate!

You destroyed the Banished Pantheon's Guardian and found a large pile of metal!


Notable NPCs

  • Pantheon Guardian


You carefully bring the pile of metal out, ensuring not to let any of it touch you. There are at least twenty bars here that can be used - that should be enough to cause plenty of chaos -wherever you choose!

Rogue Acceptance

After letting the proper channels know that you're selling what should be a new brand of impervium, you get a buyer - Blast Furnace. Looks like he's planning on using the metal to repair his cracked armor. You sell it to him for a fair price, leaving the metal in an expensive package...

Sometime later, you receive a hurried call from the RIP, of all people. They request your services at a bank, saying that Blast Furnace has gone mad and is trying to burn the place to the ground!

After informing the RIP that you don't do charity cases, they offer up a hefty amount of money for your services - enough to cover going up against Blast Furnace.

  • Take care of Blast Furnace!

You head off to the bank in question to deal with Blast Furnace - before he can burn the rest of it down!

Unnecessary Solicitation

It shouldn't be too much of a problem, dealing with the likes of Blast Furnace.

Mission Objective(s)

The rest of the RIP have run as far as possible, leaving just you and Blast Furnace to battle it out in the bank.

  • Defeat Blast Furnace!
    • Defeat Blast Furnace!
    • Rob the bank before dealing with the RIP!
    • Defeat the RIP Captain!

Blast Furnace is down, you've got a large bit of cash, and the RIP have learned not to double cross you again!


V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Left to Dry
Blast Furnace slammed to the ground, the metal you sold him shattering moments before his medi-porter activated.

In the distance you can hear the RIP running in - yelling that they have orders to take you down! It looks like they've backed out of their deal.
In that case, you'll just have to take your payment from the bank itself - then show the RIP Captain just what exactly you think of this betrayal!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating Blast Furnace, multiple groups of Rogue Island Police will appear throughout the bank.


You leave the bank, which is still partially on fire. Some of the RIP stand outside, but they steer clear of you, knowing the hurt you put on all of their officers inside.

In the end, you at least still made a large chunk of change from this encounter. And really, what else can a man / woman depend on at the end of the day other than money?

Certainly not the RIP.