Mission:Tip - The RIP Wants YOU!

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The RIP Wants YOU! (30-39)

Your vision is blocked by the words 'The RIP Wants YOU!' as a flier for the RIP literally falls onto your face. You remove the flier and read over the rest of the text...

Are you between the ages of 18 and 40?

Can you fire a gun?

Do you have a desire to fire a gun?

Do you feel comfortable with asserting authority over others who may be stronger than you?

Then come to the Rogue Isles Police Convention today in St. Martial! The best of the best will be there to see if you have what it takes to get the job done!

The RIP are organizing? There's a first time for everything. More than likely Arachnos has been getting tired of heroes sneaking into the Isles and need the RIP to shape up their act.

From the sounds of it, many of the 'higher ups' in the Rogue Isles Police are going to be at this convention in St. Martial - which means if someone were to swoop in and strike them all down, it would go a long way towards making a ...lasting impression on them.

Then again, this would mean that the main RIP offices are understaffed - the perfect opportunity to sneak in there and steal some incriminating evidence against the higher ups. A news station like WSPDR would pay quite well for that information.