Mortimer Kal Strike Force

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The Mortimer Kal Strike Force was added in Issue 20 and ties pre-50 characters into the Incarnate System. Mortimer Kal can be found behind Silver Mantis on Sharkhead Island. Mortimer Kal is an Unlockable Contact. To unlock Mortimer Kal, players must complete the Villain Tip Mission Wizard's Weakness.

The Fire and the Flames
Mortimer Kal.jpg
Contact Mortimer Kal
Zone Sharkhead Island
Suggested Team Size 4 players
Coordinates (-1476.1, 0.0, -395.9)
Level Range 20-40
Merits 22
Badge Badge I20VillainStrikeForce.png Promethean Badge
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain warriors.png Warriors
V badge Midnighter.png Midnight Squad
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
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E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 22 Reward Merits.


Too Low Level

+++ Missing Information +++

Not Enough People

You will need at least 4 fiends, madmen, and lawless rogues for this. Return when you have assembled your cadre of deviants. You need at least 4 members on your team, all of them at least level 20. If they are over level 40, they will be automatically exemplared to Level 40 for the duration of the Strike Force.

Not Team Leader

Send your leader to me. I would speak with them about things dark and vile. You need at least 4 members on your team, all of them at least level 20. If they are over level 40, they will be automatically exemplared to Level 40 for the duration of the Strike Force.


Part One: The Voice of a Ghost


The Fire and The Flames
Part One: The Voice of a Ghost

Perhaps this is what The Fates had ordained for me on that day my Fiona was born, that I should rise to the heavens beyond her reach, and then descend into darkness to save her. If that is my lot then so be it, I am at your service until The Fates decides otherwise.

I have glimpsed where you must go in order to claim the Flames of Prometheus. Do you dare journey into the ensorcelled realm of Oranbega, the subterranean city of the Circle of Thorns? For that is where you must go in order to take the first step onto the path to absolute power.

If I were you, I would not go alone.

Mission Acceptance

Mortimer Kal's eyes roll back into his head. The sight of the old man standing before you like that reminds you of a zombie, except that he speaks with a gravely tone and mentions nothing about brains.

Numina is currently engaged in battle deep beneath the earth in the forgotten city of Oranbega, the forlorn realm of the Circle of Thorns. But be wary, for with her is her protege, the demon binding warrior Infernal. The Soul Catcher can only contain the soul of one being at a time, and Infernal will not look kindly upon you for trapping his mentor. You will have to find a way to deal with Infernal for he will stop at nothing to release his mistress.

Mortimer Kal smiles

K'Varr is part of Infernal's true name. A person's true name holds power over them. This will give you the edge you need to defeat Numina's protector.


Talk to Mortimer Kal to enter the mission.


Whenever you and your lackeys are ready I will transport you through a doorway of shadows into the suberranean city of Oranbega.

Mortimer regards you with minor contempt.

Don't worry, you have my daughter, so I wouldn't dream of shifting you into, say, Ghlar Shodan, the Prison of Slime...

Remember, Numina does not travel alone, she travels with Infernal. Remember, part of his true name is K'Varr and that there is power in one's true name. With his you will have some power over him.

  • I'm ready, wizard. Now send me to Oranbega.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After this conversation, Toph Osir and a group of Circle of Thorns closest to him turn hostile.

Mission Objective(s)

According to Mortimer Kal, Numina and her sidekick, Infernal, are down here in Oranbega fighting the Circle of Thorns. Following their wake of destruction should make your job of tracking the ethereal Numina oh so much easier.

  • Steal Numina's soul!
    • Capture Numina with the Soul Catcher
    • Defeat Infernal

You've stolen Numina's soul and escaped from the subterranean realm of the Circle of Thorns.

It will be a long time before Infernal dares to challenge you again.

Icon clue generic.png
Mortimer Kal's Soul Catcher
This object is about the size of a bowling pin and appears to be chipped from a single massive shard of crystal. It isn't ruby, garnet, or any quartz you've ever seen, but it is blood red and extraordinarily cool to the touch. The gem appears to be hollow in the middle, or perhaps it is a trick of the light. Whatever the case, its purpose has been made clear to you by Mortimer Kal. This shard focuses eldritch energy and draws the soul of one unlucky individual into it, trapping them. You have no idea if there is a way to let a captured soul free.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The team leader will be granted the Soul Catcher temp power. While fighting Numina a message will flash across the screen telling you when to use it.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Numina (Hero)
Infernal (Hero)
Toph Osir (Boss)

Badge question mark.png
Toph Osir


I am Toph Osir, Magus of this district of our glorious city.

You are not here on the same mission as Numina and her pet, Infernal... what is it you seek? Perhaps I can grant what you wish in exchange for your assistance against that witch, Numina?

  • Fate would have it that it is Numina who I am after.

So it would seem that the threads of Fate have brought us together.

Numina has been using her magic to turn my people against each other. Normally this would pose little problem for our daemons to handle, but that accursed Infernal is with her, and what daemons we have sent against them have been bound within his armor.

If we could but separate one from the other then both would fall.

  • Mortimer Kal said that the name K'Varr might come in handy.

Toph Osir scowls at the name of Mortimer Kal, but then his mouth hangs agape at the name of K'Varr.

Of course! K'Varr is part of Infernal's true name. It isn't absolute power over him, but it is enough to summon him away from his mistress and to a place where he can be bound.

Once we have Infernal imprisoned I will leave Numina to your capable hands.

  • You have yourself a deal, Toph Osir.

Toph Osir begins chanting a ritual using the name 'K'Varr'.

Badge question mark.png
Toph Osir


You have Numina trapped in a... Soul Catcher?

Toph Osir's eyes flare jealously at the power in your possession.

This is greater fortune than I had hoped for...

  • Numina is mine, Toph. Don't sour our deal with greed.



That Soul Catcher was stolen from my people by that wizard, Mortimer Kal! It shall be ours again!

  • Over my dead body. (Fight)

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating Toph Osir, Infernal will turn hostile. However, the large amount of Circle minions will flee for their lives.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Infernal has a Demon Summoning skill with a 180 second recharge time that will spawn a set of three Demonlings (Fire, Ice and Hellfire). Each has its own attacks and low HP, but buffs Infernal's damage by 10% each while they are alive.

Icon clue generic.png
Numina's Soul
You have captured Numina's soul within the Soul Catcher. The interior of the ruddy gem is clouded and when you think of Numina you can hear her quietly weeping and bemoaning the bitter cold and alienation from all that is living. When you speak her name she immediately responds and asks how she might serve you in order to gain release from her hellish prison.

This makes you smile.


Well done... but...

There are some troubling developments, master / mistress.

Mortimer pauses for emphasis of the gravity of the situation

Know that I tell you this because I wish only for my Fiona's safe return...

The Midnighters have discovered that you are the one behind my daughter's kidnapping. For the time being I have convinced them that I have had no dealings with you, but that charade will not last for long, not when they realize what you are truly after. With that, I implore you to move quickly, for I have no doubt that should you be defeated, then Fiona's death is assured.

Part Two: The Hands Of A God


The Fire and The Flames
Part Two: The Hands Of A God

With Numina trapped in the Soul Catcher she has no choice but to obey your commands. Her secrets are now ours... or rather yours, master / mistress.

Now that you have access to Positron's Laboratory, you will need a means to actually handle and manipulate the Flames of Prometheus once you have it within arms reach. Legend has it that only the gods and titans could actually handle the flames. I have planned for this as well...

Mission Acceptance

David Odysseus Hill is a 'collector' of rare artifacts from around the world... many of which are magical in nature. In his possession is an artifact that fits our... your exact needs; The Fists of Vulcan.

Odysseus keeps these magical gauntlets stored within one of his shipping and recieving warehouses. These are places filled with ill-gotten treasures whose power ranging from questionable to godly.

The problem is that Odysseus and his Warriors are currently unengaged in any real gang wars, and so the majority of his forces are more or less conducting garrison duty over the various pieces of territory he claims to be his. You will need to draw his forces away from the warehouses so that you can slip in and steal the Fists of Vulcan before the Warriors can stop you.

If you could arrange to have Odysseus attack the Midnighters then you could eliminate two threats with one cunningly hurled stone. To do that, you will have to travel to Talos Island and speak to Odysseus on the matter.

Remember, even though he is a greedy man, David Hill is no idiot. Not only will you have to be shrewd in your dealings, but it would not surprise me if he tried to kill you for the Soul Catcher. It would be best that you do not mention it or Numina's current fate.

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++

Meet David Odysseus Hill

Mission Objective(s)

David Hill's office building looks completely legit. It isn't until you take the private elevator up to his office that you find any sign that the businessman is the head of the Warriors.

  • Talk to Odysseus of the Warriors
    • Defeat Odysseus's Challenge
    • Talk to Odysseus again

You succeeded in convincing Odysseus and the Warriors to start a war with the Midnighters. While they are embroiled in conflict you can slip into Odysseus's warehouse and steal the Fists of Vulcan.


Badge villain warriors.png Warriors

Notable NPCs

Odysseus (Non-Combat Archvillain)


Well, well, well... Character. To what do I owe the honor of you gracing me and my Warriors with your presence?

  • I want your help... With the Midnighters.

The Midnighters and I are currently at peace. What reason can you offer that I should sully that relationship?

  • I stole one of their artifacts. If you're interested in buying I could steal more.

Odysseus raises a single eyebrow with practiced perfection.

Intriguing. A business offer from Character; a notoriously violent villain from the Rogue Isles, to me - David Odysseus Hill; an incredibly powerful businessman here in Paragon City.

I'm not buying this story of stolen merchandise. Why not tell me the truth?

  • Fine. I have Mortimer Kal's daughter. The Midnighters want her back.

Now THAT I believe.

Very bold of you to go so far as to kidnap the daughter of one of the most powerful and reclusive wizards of our time. I assume he has not transformed you into a burning cinder because of the threat of his daughter's life being tied to your own?

  • Something like that. I was hoping we could send them a message together.

Perhaps I should turn you over to them and cultivate their favor instead...

I give you this one chance to prove that that would be an unwise choice.

I present to you this challenge: Even odds. My Warriors versus you and yours.

  • What?

At this juncture you have no say in the matter.


Kill them.

  • Bring it! (Fight)


+++ Missing Information +++

Steal the Fists of Vulcan from Odysseus's Warehouse

Mission Objective(s)

The warehouse is dead quiet. If you play this right, he won't realize you stole The Fists of Vulcan until it is far too late.

  • Steal the Fists of Vulcan from Odysseus's Warehouse
    • Find the Fists of Vulcan
  • Defeat Montague Castanella
  • Defeat Mercedes Sheldon
  • Defeat Exorcist
  • Defeat Odysseus and take the Fists of Vulcan!

You stole the Fists of Vulcan off of Odysseus's battered body and left him alive. The Warriors will no doubt take care of their fallen leader rather than pursue you, buying you valuable time to escape!

It will be a long time before the Midnighters or the Warriors recover from that fiasco. Against all odds you laid low the leaders of two powerful factions in Paragon City and stole the hands of a god.

With the Fists of Vulcan and Numina's Soul you are on the verge of acquiring ultimate power!


Badge villain warriors.png Warriors
V badge Midnighter.png Midnight Squad

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon entering the big room 3 Midnighter Heroes will spawn in the center!
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

All Notable NPCs in this mission have special attacks that will flash a warning across your screen and change the lighting of the room.

Montague Castanella uses Radiance, which stuns the players (also Mercedes and Exorcist) and heals his allies (except for Mercedes and Exorcist).

Mercedes Sheldon summons Exorcist.

Exorcist uses Torment, which stuns Montague, but provides him and Mercedes with a 200% buff to Smashing/Lethal damage for about 10 seconds. (Note: Mercedes doesn't seem to have any Smashing/Lethal attacks, except maybe Brawl.)

Odysseus uses Vulcan Clobber, which does high damage, debuffs defense by 15%, and debuffs resistance by 20%.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After finding the Fists of Vulcan and defeating the Midnighters, Odysseus will spawn!

Odysseus: A most admirable display of martial cunning, Character. I salute you.
Odysseus: But did you really think that I would take your story at face value? That I wouldn't check your accusations out with spies of my own?
Odysseus: Mr. Wade was most helpful in uncovering the truth of your scheme. While my Warriors and the Midnighters hacked each other to pieces you were going to betray me!
Odysseus: I don't take lightly to betrayal, Character. But I do have a sense of honor... or was it sport? If you can defeat me and my Warriors, then the insult against me is dropped. Fail... and I'll introduce you to a little piece of history known as a Brazen Bull.
Odysseus: WARRIORS!
Crusher: HUA!
Warrior Chopper: HUA!
Warrior Slicer: HUA!
Hewer Elite: HUA!
Slasher: HUA!
Warrior Slammer: HUA!
Warrior Slammer: HUA!
Warrior Bruiser: HUA!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! As Odysseus' health decreases, several waves of Warriors will attack.


The Fists of Vulcan!

Mortimer Kal's eyes shine in amazement as he looks upon the mighty gauntlets that are fabled to have belonged to the god of the forge.

You have all the pieces now, mistess and time is running short. Darrin Wade of the Midnighters has learned of our dealings and is threatening to sell me out if I do not cut him in on our scheme. I say to hell with the man. Once you have the Flames of Prometheus it will be he who shall bow before me... I mean, you.

Finale: The Titan's Gift

Steal the Flames of Prometheus


The Fire and The Flames
Finale: The Titan's Gift

My own pursuit of power aside, you now have everything you need, but time, more than ever, is of the essence.

The Freedom Phalanx is looking for Numina, the Midnight Squad is searching for my daughter and thanks to Darrin Wade now knows that you have something to do with it. If Odysseus talks to the Midnighters then the pieces will fall into place and they will realize that I am helping you to seize the Flames of Prometheus. If that happens before you have claimed its power, then you will be beset upon by enemies on all sides, and my daughter's fate will be bound to your own. You must hurry to Positron's Laboratory in Steel Canyon.

Mission Acceptance

Remember, Numina will obey your commands. Use her to gain access to the laboratory and to navigate you to the holding place of the Flames. Positron's security is sure to be total, but hopefully Numina's presence will confuse or confound it long enough for you to make your way to the Flames and to use the Fists of Vulcan to seize them.

Now go, master / mistress, and claim your power. I have done all that you have asked and look forward to being reuinited with my daughter upon your return. Please, do not fail.

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++

Mission Objective(s)

Numina grudgingly offers up the passcode to gain entry through Positron's security system. Her defiance is concerning but amusing when the Soul Catcher punishes her disobedience. Before long you have navigated into the lowest levels iwthout a trace of resistance to your intrusion. This is too easy; something is going to go horribly wrong...

  • Steal the Flames of Prometheus
    • Deactivate Alpha and Beta Security Terminals (optional)
    • Security Reboot Countdown
    • Defeat all B.O.T.L.E.R.s

The soul Catcher suddenly shatters, releasing Numina. Using her magic she teleports Positron and herself to safety. Cowards!


Positron's Robots

Notable NPCs

Positron (Hero)
B.O.T.L.E.R. (Minion)

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Deactivating the Security Terminals will disable the force fields and despawn the robot guards for 1 minute.

Badge question mark.png
Security Terminal Alpha


+++ Missing Information +++

Badge question mark.png
Security Terminal Beta


The security terminal displays a number of power meters for the various force fields located throughout the lab.

  • Activate Emergency Override

The power displays flash, but do not power down. A window pops up into the middle of the screen.

Confirm force field deactivation at Security Terminal Alpha to proceed.

  • Find Security Terminal Alpha (Leave)

Force fields are rebooting and have been temporarily deactivated.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Defeating B.O.T.L.E.R. will spawn a large group of B.O.T.L.E.R.s to defeat.
Badge question mark.png
Flames of Prometheus Containment Control


You tap a few keys on the containment computer console. With a single key press you will open the containment device and the Flames of Prometheus will be yours!

  • Hit the Final Key

The containment device opens and inside you see the blue glow of true incarnate power.

You put on the Fists of Vulcan and reach into the containment device. Instantly the orange flames of the magical gauntlets are consumed by the raw power of the Flames of Prometheus. In an instant the blue flames crawl up your arms like a gasoline fire, turning the Fists of Vulcan to ash!

The blue flames settle over your heart and then enter your body. You can feel the power burning deep inside you. You feel invincible!

  • Revel in the power!

You sense a familiar presence. Positron!

  • Face Positron

Icon clue generic.png
Fistfuls of Ash
After handling the Flames of Prometheus with the Fists of Vulcan the power of the flames reduced the once glorious magical artifacts to only a fistful of ash.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Interacting with the Flames of Prometheus Containment Control will spawn Positron!

Balloon.png Positron: Character! Return Numina to me and I will let you go.

Positron: Yours? The Flames do not belong to any one person. If you will not relinquish your hold on Numina...

Positron: I've had years to harness the power of the Flames. You've had that power for less than a minute. Now. Let. Numina. GO!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

While fighting Positron you will periodically see the message "Flames of Prometheus are Active!" which indicates that between 2 and 4 special fire imp-like creatures have spawned in the room. Looking from the room entrance, the orange Purifying Flame spawns in the far left corner, and the green Cleansing Flame spawns in the near left corner. If there are 4 or more members on your team a second orange Purifying Flame will spawn in the near right corner, and with a team of 6 or more a second green Cleansing Flame will spawn in the far right corner. Both types of imps are resistant to fire damage.

The Purifying Flame will try to get within 5 feet of a player, at which point it will explode, dealing a fair amount of lethal and fire damage (or a much smaller amount of lethal only damage to pets), but can be dodged normally.

The Cleansing Flame however, is much more important. Roughly 12 seconds after it spawns the Cleansing Flame will self destruct no matter where it is. If allowed to explode, it will heal Positron fully, regardless of distance or line of sight. The Flames have pet-level HP, meaning that a low-damage team should take extra care not to allow it to survive.

Positron's Flame summoning power has a 20 second recharge, so slows and hard control could prevent him from using it more than once in a fight.

Icon clue generic.png
The Shattered Soul Catcher
A pile of red dust and broken shards of crystal are all that remain of Mortimer Kal's Soul Catcher after Numina escaped its hellish prison. You aren't sure exactly what caused it to break. Perhaps it was destroyed by the power of the Flames of Prometheus, like the Fists of Vulcan were, or maybe... just maybe... it was... love?

Nah, it must have been the Flames of Prometheus.

Go to Mortimer Kal

Unnecessary Solicitation

You have the Flames? Now please, come tell me where my daughter is.


Mortimer Kal's eyes widen as you approach.

The Flames! I can feel their power radiating from you! You have done it!

Now, as we agreed, return my daughter to me.

  • I don't think so.

Dark power seethes and rages behind Mortimer's eyes. For a moment you think that he might attack you, but then you see the storm clouds of power falter and waver and then slowly dissipate.

What further use could you have for her? You got what you wanted!

  • Numina has escaped, I could use a good wizard at my side.

Mortimer appears to accept his fate

The Midnighters will learn soon enough of my involvement with you. I will truly have nothing more than you to serve and my daughter's safety to attend to.

What would you ask of me, my master / mistress?

  • What you have already given me, Mortimer. Your loyalty.

And my loyalty you still have.


Master / Mistress, if you are contemplating what to do next I do have a suggestion.

Perhaps we could try to take over the world.

Completing this mission awards the Promethean Badge.

File:Badge I20VillainStrikeForce.png Promethean

You manipulated Mortimer Kal into helping you acquire some of the Flames of Prometheus from Positron!

Characters completing this mission will also receive the Temporary Power, Flames of Prometheus.

Icon clue generic.png Flames of Prometheus +Max HP, +Regen, +DMG
The Flames of Prometheus have left their trace on you, giving you an early taste of the powers of the Incarnate. This manifests as a minor increase to your health and damage output. This boon is permanent until you reach security level 50, at which point your connection to the Well of the Furies will overwhelm the lingering effects of this power. However, you will be able to trade in this power at that time for a rare Notice of the Well Incarnate component once you embark on the Incarnate path, which will prove a much stronger benefit in the long run.

When that character reaches level 50, the power disappears, but they get a reward badge under Accomplishments that can be traded in for a Notice of the Well.


The Flame of Prometheus

You can feel the Flame of Prometheus burning within you every time you enter battle, and whenever you finish a fight, you can feel its power smouldering just beneath the surface. You cannot help but reflect upon your daring plan to steal this power and that to achieve it you were ready to brave...

The Fire and the Flames

The Rogue Isles have been awash in chaos ever since the power of the incarnates started to manifest. You wanted a piece of that power pie for yourself, but that nerd in Ouroboros, Ramiel, wouldn't confide in you the great secret. As usual, you were on your own, so you went back to basics and kidnapped someone who could help you, or rather, the loved one of someone who could help you; Fiona Kal.

Pissing off Mortimer Kal was as bold a move as any you've ever undertaken. As a powerful sorcerer within the Midnight Squad, most people would assume that messing with his family meant a grisly and indescribable doom, but you had learned his secret weakness. Fiona was all that Mortimer had left ot hold onto in this world, and threatening that meant you had him by the proverbial crystal balls.

With fiona safely hidden away, you confronted Mortimer with your offer; use his wizardly ways to discover a means of you obtaining incarnate power or Fiona would be sent back to him in pieces too mangeled to be properly resurrected. The wizard buckled like a belt and vowed to do anything to keep his daughter alive. He proved most helpful, and laid out a plan to steal the Flames of Prometheus; a spark of incarnate power in the possession of someone Mortimer assured you was undeserving of it; Positron.

The first step was to sucker punch the Freedom Phalanx right in their magical soft spot; Numina. This would throw the Phalanx off balance and, by using Mortimer Kal's Soul Catcher to imprison her, you would gain access to Positron's Lab, where the Flames of Prometheus were kept. With Numina in your possession the Phalanx would be blind to your sorcerous scheme.

But capturing Numina was only the first part of the plan. You had the key to gaining access Positron's Lab, but the Flames of Prometheus were power beyond what mere mortals could possess and could not simply be picked up and carried off, for they would consume you body and soul. To safely acquire the Flames you would need more magical power, and this time it was in the possession of Paragon City's greatest trafficker in ancient artifacts; David Odysseus Hill. The playboy leader of the Warriors had used his family's shipping empire to squirrel away artifacts from around the globe, and in his possession was an artifact capable of touching the Flames of Prometheus; the Fists of Vulcan. Breaking into Odysseus's warehouse would have been a lot simpler of an affair if the Midnight Squad hadn't guessed at your plan. They sought to ambush you and take you down, but when the smoke cleared you had shown them what for. Your plan, however, did not go unnoticed by the treacherous Darrin Wade, and he warned Odysseus of your plans to rob him. He arrived none-too-pleased. Ultimately, however, even he and his Warriors stood no chance against you and your destiny.

With the Fists of Vulcan in hand and Numina as the key to entering Positron's Lab, everything was going according to plan, until Positron's security systems alerted him to your presence and he crashed the party. Unfortunately for Posi, he let his feelings get in the way. He offered to let you go in exchange for Numina, but with the power of the Flames already in your possession you saw no reason to entertain any demands except your own. You taught Positron a valuable lesson that day, that love is a weakness to be exploited. The prize was the Flames of Prometheus. Unfortunately, the presence of the Flames had a profound effect on the Soul Catcher, and it fractured, allowing Numina to escape and whisk herself and Positron to safety. Additionally, the Fists of Vulcan were consumed, leaving your hands coated in blackened ash. Despite these losses the power of the Flames is yours! You suspect that your next run in with the Freedom Phalanx will be a heated affair.