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The Multiverse is a term used by Portal Corporation and various other organizations to refer to the infinite possibilities of alternate universes.

Main Universes/Dimensions

  • Primal Earth: Home of the Freedom Phalanx and Arachnos, along with all non-Praetorian player characters. Most of the game takes place here. Primal Earth's main unique feature is that it was involved in an interdimensional war with Rikti Earth, resulting in the destruction of most of Paragon City. War Walls using captured Rikti technology protect the undestroyed City Zones, where Paragon's citizens live, and pen in destroyed Hazard Zones, where only heroes are allowed. Additionaly, Mediporters, also developed from captured Rikti technology, have made hero combat deaths almost non-existent by swiftly teleporting injured heroes away and healing them.
  • Praetorian Earth: Home of the Praetorians. Many prominent heroes and villains from Primal Earth have alternate versions that exist in Praetoria, although they are often of a very different moral character. Most of Praetorian Earth has been conquered by Hamidon and its Devouring Earth monsters. The remaining human population is controlled by Emperor Marcus Cole, Tyrant, from his city of Praetoria, which was built upon the ruins of Paragon. Cole's regime is opposed by the Resistance and Praetoria's version of the Carnival of Shadows, called the Carnival of Light.
  • Rikti Earth: Home of the Rikti. Rikti Earth destroyed magic and gods early in its history and was visited by an unknown alien power around the time of 2000 B.C. The Rikti are genetically similar to humans but were altered by the aliens that visited them into having a "Hive Mind".
  • The Shadow Shard: Mysterious realm that defies normal rules of reality and is home to Rularuu the Ravager after the heroes of Earth Prime banished him there, ending his devouring of universes. Humans do live here, but most have been evacuated to Earth Prime.

Minor Universes

  • Warrior Earth
    • Battle Maiden's home world. Valkyrie's spear originated from this dimension too; it is not known how it arrived on Primal Earth.
  • Zeta Tao 7-63 (Shadow World)
    • Black Swan's dimension and one of 17 Shadow Worlds. She gets her power and her Shadow minions from this dimension.
  • Alpha Upsilon 24-2
    • A world destroyed by your alternate self, now inhabited by Ghosts resentful of the living.
  • Omicron Zeta 12-20
    • A world ruled by the Freakshow. This world is known to have its own Bile. Other versions of other Freakshow archvillains might exist here as well.
  • Epsilon Tau 27-2
  • Hydra dimension
    • Origin of the Hydra. Originally discovered by the Rikti. Also being investigated by Arachnos.
  • Omega Omicron 26-20 (Council Empire)
  • Tau Gamma 9-24
    • A world where Oranbega won their war against the nation of Mu. The people of Oranbega here did not follow the dark path which lead to the creation of the Circle of Thorns
In the streets of Axis America
  • Delta Zeta 24-10 (Axis America)
    • Homeworld of the Reichsman. World where Nazi Germany won World War II.
  • Abandoned world
    • A world currently overrun by the Devouring Earth after 70% of the world's population was destroyed by Primal Earth's Nemesis's doomsday device. Targeted by Nemesis because the planet's population was mostly dark-skinned.
  • Sigma Psi 20-7
    • Revenant Hero World. Crey's Revenant Hero Project developed a hive mind here, and pretty much wiped out anything not in the collective.
  • Tau Delta 8-7
  • Nu Beta 9-7
    • A war torn world with few remaining defenses, this world has suffered a war against their Council recently. In this world, our dimension's Dreck attempts to set himself up as ruler.
Eternal darkness: Werewolf World
  • Lamda Rho 57-20 (Werewolf World)
    • Perpetually night world, ruled by the Requiem of that dimension. This is an alternate world where the plot of A Path into Darkness succeeded and the planet seems to have suffered a major invasion of Nictus, to the point of having no more daylight, only darkness.
  • Gamma Upsilon 28-3
    • A world controlled by Nemesis, who is opposed by a secret cadre of freedom fighters.
  • Multiple other Nemesis controlled worlds
    • A world in which the hero must venture into to save several scientists' other halves.
    • A world in which Nemesis was able to take over by blocking out the sun with self replicating smog machines.
    • A world in which Nemesis took over by hooking the population on Superadine.
  • Circle of Thorns world
    • The hero must travel here to locate a copy of the Tome of Persephone.
  • A world nearly overtaken by the Devouring Earth
    • Being investigated by Nemesis forces. Devouring Earth and Longbow are fighting.
  • Another abandoned world
  • A "dead world"
  • A "static" world
  • Rho Mu 7-2
    • A world with hyper-accelerated time caused by Anti-Matter's devices. Populated by Crazed, citizens who have been driven mad by the temporal acceleration.
  • Rho Mu 7-3
    • A world with hyper-accelerated time caused by Neuron's devices. Populated by Praetorian Clockwork. The location of its citizens is unknown.


The portions of the older Story Bible that were released contain much more detail about the nature of the multiverse than the game itself. The section on Rularuu the Ravager gives a description, but it is unknown if this description remains valid for missions written after its release.

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