Nictus Fragment

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Temporary NictusFragment.png


This Nictus Fragment allows you to tap the primal forces of your Nictus power to create an essence draining conduit between a foe and yourself. This will transfer hit points from your enemy to yourself. Foes drained in this manner have their attack and movement speed reduced. The fragment will allow you to perform this attack about 50 times before becoming useless.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power deliver the Nictus fragment flask to Stephanie Peebles in the Confirm Moonfire's suspicions mission during Moonfire's Task Force: The Kheldian War.

Power Summary

Duration 50 uses
Damage Moderate
Recharge Slow
Effects Melee
Moderate Damage (Negative)
Foe -Recharge, -Speed
Self +Hit Points

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