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Sovereign of the Compound
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (1682, -1034, -2284)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Nadia
Introduces Noble Savage
Enemy Groups V badge Forlorn.png Forlorn
Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
ParagonMarket ZonePack FirstWard.png Requires First Ward Zone Pack.
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Palatine is a hero, villain, and Praetorian contact in the Eltentown neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (1682, -1034, -2284). Her level range is 20-29.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Noble Savage has taken up watch along the walls, looking to resupply what was lost in the recent coup.

I am glad, for I fear his new duties as the Hetman of the Compound have nearly overwhelmed him.


Sovereign of the Compound

The appointed sovereign of the Survivor Compound in First Ward, Anna Palatine's title has been ignored by the Hetman, except for when it has suited his aims.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Character! I was hoping you would show up. My throne is still considered the lipservice of a dead madman, but here in First Ward, that is sometimes enough. I can only do so much as Palatine of the Compound until I have solidified my position in the eyes of the people.

The Hetman rattles his saber so loudly that no one dares oppose him directly. He allows my signature only on mundane affairs, but that's where my current power stops. I'll need the agency of my friends to do anything more...and there is so very much work to do yet.


Character, it is good to see you again. The Compound is still beset upon by forces both known and unknown. All of First Ward is awry. What do you seek?

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

I have nothing left to ask of you, my friend.


  • None

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 9 Reward Merits.

Abused and Scorned Tho' We May Be (20-29)


And it came to pass that Anna Palatine claimed her birthright--

Abused and Scorned Tho' We May Be

Though the dying Monarch had passed along the rulership of First Ward's Survivor Compound to Anna Palatine, her title went unrecognized by the bloody-minded Hetman. To gather allies and win the support of the people of the Compound, an alliance was forged with the Forlorn and another re-forged with the Carnival of Light. The Hetman staged a military coup to prevent any of this from happening but, in the end, he was undone.

Part One: Saber-Rattling


As you have seen, the Compound is a fragile bastion against the myriad evil running amok in First Ward. Though the Hetman will not admit it, we need to be fostering more alliances with those around us, not alienating the ones we already had. The Carnival of Light will not protect us again until we heal the schism that has risen between us. And we cannot heal that schism until my sovereignty is recognized. It's chess now with the Hetman, and I think I have found my next move.

The Forlorn live below us in the tunnels beneath the Compound. They are former Ghouls who have had their minds restored through the efforts of Dr. Helix and other brave souls at the Battle of Neutropolis. They are a pitiable folk, the Forlorn, trapped in their now-desiccated frames, remembering every hideous act they committed in the red-minded madness of their former affliction. They are pariahs, even here in First Ward. And they would make powerful friends. Find the Hetman and convince him to let you to enter the tunnels and speak to the Forlorn.

He will bluster and mock my efforts to parley with them, but he will not deny you. The Compound is afraid of the Forlorn, thinking them monsters, and perhaps understandably so. But if word got out that the Hetman denied your help in dealing with them, he would lose face. Either way, I edge closer to the seat of my birthright.

  • I'll speak to the Hetman about the Forlorn

My thanks, Character. The Hetman will no doubt consider this a political maneuver, and he wouldn't be entirely wrong about that-- but the Forlorn do present a problem to the Compound. He'll listen to you.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I thought you were going to speak to the Hetman about the Forlorn.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak to the Hetman about the Forlorn


Character, have you come to convince me to let your Carnival friends go again?

  • The Palatine already made that command. You're still ignoring it.

The only command that I am ignoring is the last one given by a Monarch who wasn't in his right mind.

I don't trust that girl, I don't trust how she magically appeared, and I'm beginning not to trust you, Character. Now speak your mind or go back to the gumbo.

  • The Palatine says you've been having trouble with the Forlorn.

And let me guess: you want to help me out. Wait. Silly me, let's say that again with the Color Obvious turned on: the so-called Palatine wants to make a gesture both to me and the people of Last Word by helping out with the Ghoul problem.

And you're her running dog, making sure it all transpires.

  • Paranoid much? I'm just here to help.
  • And you're going to look like a fool for declining my help.

Part Two: Haters Gonna Hate

Speak to the Hetman about the Forlorn

Unnecessary Solicitation

I thought you were going to speak to the Hetman about the Forlorn.



I do need the help. Listen. These 'Forlorn' aren't like any Ghouls you may have encountered before. They're more disciplined, able to show a measure of tactical acumen on the battlefield.

If you're detecting a hint of admiration in my voice, it's because you're missing my point completely. The Forlorn are still monsters. Don't forget that. The fact that they can think only makes them worse.

  • I can handle them.

Good to hear, because the last recon patrol I sent out to check on them certainly couldn't. They went into the tunnels outside the Compound and vanished.

  • Wait, why were you sending recon patrols into the Forlorn tunnels in the first place?

Remember when we first met, Character? D.U.S.T. was poking its nose around too close to the Compound and I had you deal with it. Same story here. It's called keeping tabs on your enemy, genius. While you're playing fetch for that ineffectual, high-talkin' little Shepherd girl, I'm still making sure we're all protected.

Here. The recon patrol had a portable tracer-beacon with them. This tac-scanner will hone in on their trail. Find whatever is left of my people and... take care of any Forlorn you encounter.

  • I'll find them.

Icon clue generic.png
The Tac-Scanner
Two recon patrols from the Compound have went missing in the tunnels of the Forlorn. Luckily, the second patrol had a tracer-beacon with them. The tac-scanner the Hetman gave you should help track down their whereabouts.
Enter the Forlorn Tunnels

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go speak with the Forlorn, not me.

Mission Objective(s)


The tac-scanner is picking up the recon team's tracer-beacon. They're close.

  • Enter the Forlorn Tunnels
    • Find the Recon Soldiers
    • Determine Which Recon Soldiers to Set Free
    • 5 Recon soldiers to rescue
    • Lead Recon soldier to safety

For all the Hetman's warnings against them being monsters, the Forlorn were willing to speak to you peacefully. You were even offered the choice of interviewing the captured recon soldiers without intereference. This only proves that Anna's intuition is correct: the Forlorn can be reasoned with... without resorting to violence.


V badge Forlorn.png Forlorn

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Warden Gorzi.jpg
Warden Gorzi


Okay, everyone just stop! There's been enough violence in these last few days.

And you? You stay right there, topsider. You've got the smell of the gumbo on you... but only slightly. You're a newcomer, but I won't ask what brought you here...or, more likely, who forced you into First Ward. That's your own business.

I will ask, though, what brings you down into our tunnels. The last few visitors we had...well, they weren't willing to answer that. They were too busy trying to pump us full of lead...

...buncha so-called 'recon soldiers' from the Compound. More of a kill team, the way they acted. You know 'em?

  • That's who I'm looking for. And I mean you no harm.
Between you and me, the Forlorn have bigger troubles than keeping Compound yahoos captive, so I'll make you a deal. We'll stay here all peaceful-like until you do something uncool.
You can speak to the recon soldiers we have locked up. You can even free them if you want. It's your call. But if any of them do something uncool, then we're going to hold you responsible. Which is to say, we'll beat you down.
And choose carefully which ones you want to save. The ones named Shale and Biddle are itching for a rematch with us.
  • Understood.
  • That's who I'm looking for. Now stand aside or I'll put you down.
You're just like them. See a former Ghoul, jump for the throat. But, hey, I gave you a chance.
  • (Finish him and swipe the prison keys)
The Forlorn Are Angered!

Icon clue generic.png
Prison Key
You retrieved the prison access keys from the Forlorn Warden.
Icon clue generic.png
Forlorn Justice: Shale
You have left one of the Hetman's recon team, Shale, in the custody of the Forlorn.
Icon clue generic.png
Forlorn Justice: Biddle
You have left one of the Hetman's recon team, Biddle, in the custody of the Forlorn.
Report your findings to the Hetman

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, I'm sure what you found in the tunnels is interesting, but we'll speak of it later. Tell the Hetman what you know. He needs to feel secure that we are working with him, not around him.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Report your findings to the Hetman

If Shale and Biddle were not released:


Character, give me a status report on the recon patrol that went into the tunnels.

  • I brought the innocent ones back to the surface.

'The innocent ones?' Are you telling me you left some of my people down there with the Ghouls..?!

  • Only those unrepentant for their crimes against the Forlorn.
Are you beyond insane?! Give me back that tac-scanner, you self-righteous dimwit! I'll send another team to finish the job!

You left them with monsters, Character. Monsters. Get out of my face.

  • You're making a mistake, Hetman. Goodbye.

If Shale and Biddle were released:


Character, give me a status report on the recon patrol that went into the tunnels.

  • I saved everyone that I could.

You have my genuine thanks. You really oughtta reconsider working for the witch girl and throw in your hat with me.

  • I stand by the Palatine. Goodbye, Hetman.


So the Forlorn were willing to speak with you? Even after the Hetman antagonzied them so? That bodes well for any future alliance.

Though I have called you it before, Character, my heart in full now demands that I risk its repetition: you are my good, good friend and a boon to all of First Ward.

Part Three: Sweet Mercy


Something doesn't quite sit right with me, Character, not after your last sojourn into the tunnels of the Forlorn. The Hetman may have said that his impetus for sending a recon patrol into their territories was to gauge the potential threat of the Forlorn...but your report said the 'recon patrol' had orders to just go in and start shooting. That sounds like a kill team, not reconnaissance, and it doesn't add up. Furthermore, it endangers any chance we have at forming an alliance with the Forlorn.

I need you to speak with the leader of the Forlorn, Demetrios Vasilikos, on my behalf as Palatine of the Compound, and see if some kind of truce can be salvaged from all of this.

  • We need an olive branch. The Forlorn have no real reason to trust the Compound.

You're quite right, my friend, which is why I will deliver to them a Genetic Resequencer if they will agree to a truce. The Forlorn will be able to cure their feral cousins with such a device, and that is something I know Demetrios wants dearly.

Mistress Nadia and some of my Shepherds have managed to contact Dr. Helix, who has agreed to come to First Ward if the Carnival can assure her a measure of protection. We're still working on that part, but the Hetman's watchful eye is making things difficult.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Why did you leave the Forlorn tunnels before your mission was done? You must go back.

Mission Objective(s)


Demetrios is just up ahead. He seems pensive.

  • Strike an accord with the Forlorn
    • Speak with Demetrios
    • 2 outer gates to be sealed remaining
    • Help Noble Savage seal the gates

The Forlorn tunnels have been sealed against further Ghoul incursions, though you detected signs of sabotage on the outer gates by unknown parties.
It's been obvious that the Forlorn feel for their feral brethren, having experienced that same red-soaked madness before they were cured. While he gave no quarter in his fights against the Ghouls, Noble Savage looked guilty every time one was slain.
The Palatine has promised to Demetrios that she will get in contact with Dr. Helix somehow. If Anna can manage that, the Forlorn might gain access to a Genetic Resequencer and grant a semblance of salvation to the Ghouls below First Ward.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls

Notable NPCs


The Hetman of the Compound has stepped up his game, I see. You're no ordinary kill team.

  • The Hetman didn't send me, the Palatine did. And I'm here to strike a truce.

The Palatine, eh..? I've heard of her. Is there some discontent in the rulership of the Compound? Some of you want to kill us, others to strike an accord. How nice.

Go back and tell your Palatine that I will have none of it. And tell your Hetman I will eventually wear his neck-veins as a favorite bracelet.

Do you topsiders even know what the Forlorn have done for you? We are keeping the Ghouls back from being able to access the surface! If it weren't for the efforts of my people, your Compound would've been overrun by my feral cousins ages ago!

  • On behalf of the Palatine, I thank you for your efforts. She had no idea.

She can thank us by killing the Hetman.

  • She'd like to thank you by offering you a Genetic Resequencer instead.


If your Palatine can pull that off, she will have the support of the Forlorn. And if you are truly here on her behalf, then there is something else I will demand. The Ghouls have somehow breached this tunnel section's outer containment gates. My second, Noble Savage, is leading the charge to reseal them, but he needs help. Help Savage seal the outer gates and you shall have your accord.

  • It will be done.

Icon clue generic.png
Perimeter Key
You retrieved the perimeter key from Demetrios Vasilikos, leader of the Forlorn.
Icon clue generic.png
Scheming on a Thing
The controls to the Forlorn's outer gate seals are surprisingly advanced...and certainly too complex for the Ghouls to have activated on their own. Someone else caused the breach. The Palatine is correct. Something doesn't add up.


When you sealed those gates, Character, you cemented a measure of trust between the Forlorn and the Compound. Mistress Nadia and the Carnival have already convinced Dr. Helix to come to First Ward and prepared a safehouse to meet with Demetrios.

Your reports of sabotage, however, trouble me. Could it be that the Hetman's recon patrol was sent into the Forlorn tunnels to find some way to overwhelm Demetrios' forces with Ghouls? And if so, for what purpose? I must ponder this.

For all you have done for First Ward and my place in it, Character, I shall always be in your debt.

Finale: The Only Sure Reliance


Mistress Nadia has set up the meeting between Dr. Helix and the Forlorn, and I would like you to attend it, Character. The Hetman has been growing nervous of late, and I must stay here to figure out why. I fear that he would do anything to trump an alliance between the Compound and the Forlorn, not to mention reforging the bond we once shared with the Carnival of Light. I will need such allies if I am to secure my title of Palatine and be fully recognized as the leader of my people.

  • If you move against him first, he'll appear the victim.

I am not suggesting a confrontation of violence, my friend, only the Hetman's acceptance of the Monarch's last command.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We haven't solidified my Throne yet. There is much to be done.

Mission Objective(s)


Something's gone horribly wrong here, you can sense it.

  • Solidify the Palatine's Rule
    • Speak with Demetrios
    • Rescue Mistress Nadia
    • Rescue Noble Savage (optional)
    • Rescue Dr. Helix
    • Stop the Hetman
    • Rescue Anna Palatine
    • 2 Carnival prisoners to rescue (optional)
    • Stop the Hetman

The Palatine has won the Throne of the Compound, but at great cost. The Hetman, who was following orders from the more fanatical side of the Resistance, sought to destroy Anna and all her allies.


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs


Character, they *cough* were waiting for us..! The Hetman *cough* is under orders to prevent Dr. Helix from delivering the Genetic Resequencer..!

  • Under whose orders?

From Calvin Scott, of course..! When I took the Forlorn to First Ward, that lunatic branded us as traitors to his Resistance! That's why the Hetman had his troops open those gates, so the Ghouls would do the dirty work for him and save the Resistance some face!

  • Get up and let's put a stop to all of this.

I fear that I am dying.

You must rescue the others. Mistress Nadia and Dr. Helix.

I believe *cough* Noble Savage is still in here somewhere, as well. Try to help him, too. The leadership of the Forlorn will be in his hands after I pass.

  • I'll get Dr. Helix and come back for you. Just hold on, Demitrios.

Demetrios doesn't answer. His wounds have claimed him at last.

Contact Small Kill Team Leader.jpg
Kill Team Leader


You've been played for a fool, Character. My kill team? Guess what? We were just part of a much larger plan--

  • --orchestrated by the Hetman. Give me the details. Now.

Why not? You'll be too late to stop it anyway. As soon as you left the Compound, the Hetman declared martial law. That Shepherd witch and those Carnival freaks are going to be executed, along with anyone that sides with them.

  • That's not going to happen.


...yeah, I expect it will.

The Kill Team Leader expires from his injuries.

  • (Take the fight to the Hetman)

Icon clue generic.png
A Sudden and Decisive Action
During your battle with the Kill Team Leader, he boasted that the Hetman wasn't just cleaning house at the meeting spot, but at the Compound as well! That means anyone the Hetman sees as an enemy is going to be lined up and shot... including the Palatine and the Carnival prisoners. You've got to get back to the Compound and stop him!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing Anna, a wave of the Resistance will ambush.

Stop Character!


You warned me not to move against the Hetman first, Character, and lives were lost because I did so unknowingly. I had no idea that he was taking orders from his Resistance leaders beyond First Ward, or that my efforts to ally with the Forlorn would push his hand to such...

...such madness. In a way, he was as conflicted and haunted as the Monarch.

These errors are my own to live with. You should know, however, that for the passing of Demetrios, and to strengthen the bond between the Compound and the Forlorn, I have made Noble Savage my new Hetman. Go to him, Character. Just as I do, he sees you as the protector of First Ward, and would have your counsel.

Shall I inform Noble you are coming?