Petsay (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/petsay message

Sends message to the currently selected pet. message can also include emotes, which follows the same syntax as chat bubbles.

  • <em emote>
    • emote can be any emote the player can execute. However, not all critters have animations for all emotes.

This is not to be confused with the acknowledgment bubbles displayed when a /petcom command is used.

This command was originally intended only for Masterminds; however, some non-henchmen pets (such as Arena Gladiators) will respond to it.

Common Uses

Besides setting a pet's stance with one of the petcom commands, it can be useful for the pets to also express their change in chat bubbles that all players can see. Since all players, even enemies, can see these chat bubbles then you can let them know your current stance.


If a mastermind has more than one henchman pet active, the following commands require one of them to be selected. Masterminds with only one active henchman pet do not need to select it. /petsay commands generally have no effect for non-Mastermind characters or Masterminds with no henchman pets active.

  • petsay What is thy bidding, my Master? Pet says "What is thy bidding, my Master?"
  • petsay <em plot> What is thy bidding, my Master? Pet rubs its hands together and says "What is thy bidding, my Master?"
  • petsay <em flex> Pet flexes its muscles without saying anything
  • petsay <em slapreact>$$em smack Pet cowers momentarily then snaps its head back in sync with the player's backhand (if pet and player are positioned appropriately)
    • batsmashreact and batsmash animations are also timed to synchronize this way