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This information is about unimplemented features that were confirmed via one or more methods, but might have changed significantly before being released.


Primalists were a proposed shape-shifting Epic Archetype that featured a mix of damage, enemy debuffs, and ally buffs, depending on your current form. Although the power sets had been defined, Positron confirmed at the game's closure that plans for the Primalist Archetype had been scrapped due to its complexity.

The Primalist's power sets would have been:

Primary: Offense
Secondary: Defense

Primalist stats vary wildly with team composition and the use of their shapeshift forms.
Survivability ?    
Melee Damage ?    
Ranged Damage ?    
Crowd Control ?    
Support ?    
Pets ?    

Power Sets

Primalists would have only had acces to one Primary and one Secondary power set. They would have had no Ancillary Power Pools, but they would have made up for this in the number and variety of powers in their Primary and Secondary. Due to the Primalist's hunter and prowler forms using the wolf and panther bodies (respectively), many individual pool powers would have only been available in primal (human) form.

Primary Power Sets

A Primalist's primary power set is designed for offense. It is:

Secondary Power Sets

A Primalist's secondary power set is designed for defense. It is:

Ancillary Power Pools

This archetype does not have access to Ancillary Power Pools.

Patron Power Pools

This archetype does not have access to Patron Power Pools.

Inherent Powers

Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Primal Energy

Many of the Primalist's Attacks will grant you Primal Energy. This energy is spent to execute devastating attacks and debuffs as well as incredibly potent healing. It's important to note that some powers require 10 Primal Energy to activate while others will scale with the amount you have.

Type Archetype-Specific (Primalist)
Effects Primal Energy

Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Primal Energy (Dampen)

You gain Primal Energy by using your Feral Might attack powers, however you lose 1 Primal Energy every 6 seconds.

Type Archetype-Specific (Primalist)
Effects Self, -Primal Energy