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Proton is an NPC you visit during the story arc from Twinshot. He is located inside City Hall in Atlas Park at coordinatess (133, -768, -713) [Copy] . Proton is a member of The Shining Stars.

Heroes can find him:

  • In multiple missions in Twinshot's ongoing training story arcs, as a lieutenant or boss and an ally (Levels 5-19)



A refugee from another dimension and time, Proton seeks a way back home to his true world.

The clone of the son of his world's Manticore and Sister Psyche, Proton was raised by his 'uncle' Positron after their untimely death.

Wearing Positron's final armor design, Proton faced down the combined might of the Arachnos Empire during the world's most desperate moment and lost. Ripped through time and space, Proton now seeks to defend Paragon City from Arachnos before it's too late for this world. And perhaps along the way, he'll be able to use his superior intellect from a future that never was to return to his home.

Unnecessary Solicitation

  • Surely these records aren't stored in such an antiquated way as this. I believe someone is playing a rather unfortunate joke at my expense.