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All recipes in the Invention System belong to a certain "Drop Pool". This is the only way to get each recipe without purchasing them from a Merit Vendor; though note that some recipes cannot be purchased at a Merit Vendor.

In the case of "Pool C" and "Pool D" recipes, these were originally awarded at the end of Task Forces, Strike Forces, and Trials. "Pool C" recipes were awarded for Task Forces, Strike Forces, and any hero-side Trials that were not Power Respecification Trials. "Pool D" recipes were awarded for Respec Trials and Hamidon Raids.

Pool A (Critters)

Recipes from pool A are obtained by defeating enemies. Each time you receive a reward for defeating an enemy, the enemy defeated has a random chance of dropping one pool A recipe. (Giant Monsters and some Archvillains and Heroes are the exceptions to this rule.)

In addition to the uncommon and rare recipes listed below, drop pool A also includes all recipes for Common IO Enhancements.

The level of a dropped pool A recipe is determined by the level of the critter that dropped it. (The exceptions are temporary power recipes are level 1 or level 10.) For example, if a level 34 enemy is defeated, any uncommon or rare recipe dropped will be level 34. A common recipe dropped by the same enemy would be either level 30 or 35.


Category:Uncommon Recipe Drops


Category:Rare Recipe Drops

Pool B (Missions)

Recipes in pool B are awarded for completing missions. Every time you complete a mission, each team member who receives the mission completion bonus will have a random chance of obtaining a pool B recipe.

It appears that the recipe selection is based off of the mission's level, but the recipe's level is based off the character's level. Thus, a level 50 character exemplared to a level 15 mission may receive a drop from a level 10-20 pool. That drop will then attempt to be matched to the character's actual level; since the pool doesn't extend to 50, it maxes the recipe out at 20.

Category:Mission Recipe Drops

Random Rare Rolls

See also: Random Rare Recipe Roll

From inventions' introduction until Issue 13, recipes in drop pool C were awarded at the end of Task Forces, Strike Forces, and most Trials. Recipes in drop pool D were awarded at the end of Respec Trials and Hamidon Raids.

During Issue 13, recipes in drop pool C were awarded through the Taskforce Random Recipe Roll and recipes in drop pool D were awarded through the Trial Random Recipe Roll.

Issue 14 combined these two into one single drop pool, available at Merit Vendors as a Reward Merit purchase as the Random Rare Recipe Roll, and at Ticket Vendors as the Gold Class Recipe Roll. Also effective with Issue 14, these recipes have a chance to drop from boss class enemies. Recipes in this drop pool are said to be weighted by usefulness. For example, melee damage sets are among the most popular recipes, so they should drop more often than, for instance, sniper sets.

With Issue 18/Going Rogue, heroes and villains who reaffirm their alignment choices can trade one Alignment Merit for five random recipes from this list.

Category:Random Rare Recipe Roll

Special Means

Recipes in this category are all awarded by means other than the normal pools.

Category:Special Recipe Drops

Unknown Pool

Category:Unknown Recipe Drops

Occasionally, new Invention Recipes are introduced. They are placed in a special category until their drop pool is known.

Currently, there are no recipes in this category.

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