Repeatable Missions

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Repeatable Missions are content that does not necessarily forward the story of the game, or the contact or zone's story. Each repeatable contact has a cache of missions to pull from, and generally includes randomization of bosses and enemy groups to give a small amount of variety, though not always.

Repeatable Contacts

Cooperative Zones

Cimerora (Level 35+)

Rikti War Zone (Level 35+)

Dark Astoria (Level 50+)

Paragon City Zones

The Hollows (Level 5-15)

Steel Canyon (Level 10-50)

Shadow Shard (Level 40-50)

Rogue Isles Zones

Port Oakes (Level 10-50)

Praetorian Zones

Phone Only (Level 5-20)

First Ward (Level 20-30)

Night Ward (Level 25-39)


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