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This article is about the Archetype. For other uses, see Sentinel (Disambiguation).
Archetypeicon sentinel.png
Primary Ranged
Secondary Defense
Inherent Opportunity
Base HP 1204.8
Max HP 2088.3
Primary Sets 13
Secondary Sets 12
Epic Power Pools 10
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The Sentinel is a powerful ranged combatant with moderate protective powers and protection against control powers. Sturdier than a Blaster, it also has the ability to distract enemies to avoid being overwhelmed.

The Sentinel's power sets are:

Primary: Ranged
Secondary: Defense

Sentinel Stats
Survivability             7        
Melee Damage 4    
Ranged Damage 7    
Crowd Control 2    
Support 2    
Pets 2    

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

  • A Sentinel's primary power sets are designed specifically for ranged attacks. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

  • A Sentinel's secondary power sets are designed for defense. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Patron Power Pools

* Patron Power Pools require villain alignment to obtain.

Inherent Power


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Sentinels were added to the game in Issue 25.

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