Super Group Registrar

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A Super Group Registrar is an NPC that will help Heroes, Villains and Praetorians create Supergroups. Through them, you can register a new supergroup and see a list of all supergroups.


City Hall Super Group Registration Desk


The Super Group Registrar for Heroes can be found in Atlas Park in City Hall. He is the main room at coordinates (145.5, -768, -691.5).

Port Oakes Super Group Registrar


The Super Group Registrar for Villains is located in the Arachnos Building in Port Oakes. It is the tallest building in the Marconeville neighborhood at coordinates (-889, 112, -886). The entrance is above street level near a long reflecting pool, conveniently near the Port Oakes teleport beacon destination.

Arachnos Building in Port Oakes


Nova Praetoria Super Group Registrar

The Super Group Registrar for Praetorians is located in the Magisterium neighborhood of Nova Praetoria at coordinates (-4362, 34, -256), 135 yards west of Praetor Duncan.

Badge question mark.png
Super Group Registrar (Praetorian)


Greetings, Character! I am the official Powers Division Group Registrar. Can I help you with anything?

~Without a supergroup~

Our records show that you are serving your civic duty to Praetoria on your own. Would you like to register a new Super Group?

~With a supergroup~

I see from our records you own an impressive Super Group Base!