Supergroup Commands

From Unofficial Homecoming Wiki

These slash commands allow a player to interact with their supergroup and change their supergroup's settings.

/ci player Alias for /coalition_invite
/chan_invite_sg channel_name rank Invite your entire supergroup to a global chat channel. Only leaders may use this command. The rank parameter may be any of the ranks listed below. Alias: /ginvite_sg
0 Invite the entire supergroup (members, captains, and leaders).
1 Invite captains and leaders only.
2 Invite leaders only.
/coalition_cancel supergroup Cancel coalition with a supergroup.
/coalition_invite player Invite player's supergroup to join coalition. Alias: /ci
/coalition_mintalkrank rank Sets the minimum rank of members of a coalition supergroup who your supergroup can hear.
/coalition_nosend Stop your supergroup from sending coalition chat to an ally supergroup.
/coalition_sg_mintalkrank rank Sets the minimum rank of members of your supergroup who can use coalition chat. Note: This command is currently non-functional.
/ginvite_sg channel_name rank Alias for /chan_invite_sg
/sg message Alias for /supergroup
/sgi character Alias for /sginvite
/sginvite character Invite character to join supergroup. Alias: /sgi
/sgk character Alias for /sgkick
/sgkick character Kick character from supergroup. Alias: /sgk
/sgleave Leave the current supergroup.
/sgmode Toggle supergroup mode.
/sgmodeset mode Set Supergroup mode.
0 Leave supergroup mode.
1 Enter supergroup mode.
/sgraid_window daybits hour Sets your supergroup raid window.
/sgsetdemotetimeout days Sets the number of days a leader in your supergroup has to log in before the leader is demoted. Note: This command is currently non-functional.
/sgsetdescription description Sets your supergroup description.
/sgsetmotd message Sets the supergroup's message of the day.
/sgsetmotto motto Sets the supergroup's motto.
/sgstats Display supergroup info in chat window. Note: This command is currently non-functional.
/supergroup message Sends the specified message to the Supergroup channel. Alias: /sg