Team-Up Teleporter

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The Team-Up Teleporter functions to allow individual players, small groups, or entire leagues to enter a queue for various game content. It is also referred to as simply LFG, due to the window it appears in. The Teleporter was implemented with Issue 20 and the introduction of Incarnate Trials.

Using the Teleporter

On the character's chat window is an "LFG" option. Selecting that will open the LFG Window, which allows a solo character or the leader of a team or league to enter into the queue. Queues can be entered randomly, which lets the game place a character or group in the first-available activity, or specific activities can be selected. The LFG window shows the average wait time for people in the queue.

EdNote.png Editor's Note:

The wait times shown are extremely short, but in practice they are much longer or indefinite. This is partly due to a bug, and partly due to the fact that it is not usual practice on Homecoming to use the Teleporter to assemble pick-up groups. Individual players seeking particular content typically use the LFG chat channel, not this tool.

A player can hover their mouse over an item on the LFG list and learn some basic details about what that activity requires, including level and team size restrictions, rewards for completing the activity, the over-arcing objective of the activity (such as "Sabotage Lambda Sector and defeat Marauder"), and sometimes background details.

Closed or Open Groups

Joining the queue as an Open Group grants an extra Astral Merit for Incarnate Trials and the Warmth of Prometheus buff power to all league members. Open Groups allow other players or teams that are looking for group to join that team or league. Note that it is fairly common for team sorting, and even team/league leader, to be rearranged randomly when joining as an Open Group, with players who load into the instance faster having a tendency to move up in team lists.

Additionally, note there is no extra reward for joining any non-Incarnate activity as an Open Group.

Joining the queue as a Closed Group means only the members already in the team or league are allowed on that particular activity. Closed Group must be selected every time a group wishes to join the queue (and remain closed). Teams and leaders will not shift in a Closed Group and there is no reward for closing a league.

Accessible Content

All Task Forces and Strike Forces are available in the Team-Up Teleporter. What is selectable depends on whether a character meets the minimum requirements to complete that activity.

Additional content accessible from the Team-Up Teleporter includes: