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I.D. Screen

The I.D. Screen may be accessed by selecting "I.D." from the Menu Window.

On this screen, you can view information about your character, such as:

  • Character Name - The name you chose at character creation with any additional titles you have selected over time.
  • Origin - The origin you chose at character creation.
  • Archetype - The archetype you chose at character creation.
  • Health - Your maximum hit points.
  • Endurance - Your maximum endurance.
  • Security/Threat Level - Your current level.
  • Total XP - The total experience points you have accumulated.
  • XP Needed - The amount of experience points you need to aquire to reach your next level.
  • Super Group Affiliation - The super group you are currently affiliated with (if any.)
  • Influence/Infamy - The amount of inf you currently have saved.
  • Battle Cry - Your character's personal catch phrase.
  • Character Description - Your character's personal biography.

You may return from this screen to the main user interface by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the I.D. Screen.

Character Description

Your character description can be edited at any time by opening the I.D. Screen and editing the "Character Description" field. If you wish, you may copy from any text document and paste to this window. You are limited to a maximum of 1023 characters (including spaces and carriage returns) in the "Character Description" field. Other players will see this description if they look at your Info Window.

Battle Cry

Your character's battle cry may be edited at any time by opening the I.D. Screen and editing the "Battle Cry" field. You are limited to a total of 32 characters (including spaces) in this field. By default, when you press the F10 key on the keyboard, your character will shout out their battle cry and perform the "attack" emote.