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Trainers are NPCs who train a PC to a new level by allowing them to choose a new power or add enhancement slots to an existing power.

There are no trainers in PvP zones.

Hero Trainers

In Paragon City, most trainers are members of the Vindicators and other hero groups. They are:

Trainer Hero Group City Zone
Aurora Borealis Vindicators Independence Port
Back Alley Brawler Regulators Atlas Park
Blue Steel Regulators Kings Row
Castle Peregrine Island
Foreshadow W.I.S.D.O.M. The Hollows
Fusionette Vanguard Kallisti Wharf
Infernal Vindicators Founders' Falls
Luminary Vindicators Talos Island
Mirror Spirit W.I.S.D.O.M. Faultline
Ms. Liberty Vindicators Atlas Park
Mynx Vindicators Skyway City
Ravenstorm Striga Isle
Swan Vindicators Brickstown
Valkyrie Vindicators Steel Canyon
War Witch Croatoa

Villain Trainers

In the Rogue Isles, all trainers are Arbiters, which makes all of them members of Arachnos.

Trainer Villain Group City Zone
Arbiter Apolis Arachnos Grandville
Arbiter Diaz Arachnos Mercy Island
Arbiter Frederick Arachnos Nerva Archipelago
Arbiter Friesen Arachnos Sharkhead Isle
Arbiter Hayes Arachnos St. Martial
Arbiter Howe Arachnos Cap au Diable
Arbiter Khai Arachnos Kallisti Wharf
Arbiter Orr Arachnos Cap au Diable
Arbiter Richard Arachnos Mercy Island
Arbiter Unger Arachnos Port Oakes

Praetorian Trainers

In Praetoria City, all trainers are either Praetors, or the sidekicks of Praetors. In the Underground, all trainers are members of the Resistance.

Trainer Hero Group City Zone
Praetor Duncan Praetorians Nova Praetoria
Nightstar Praetorians Imperial City
Battle Maiden Praetorians Neutropolis
Vanessa DeVore The Resistance Underground Nova
Odysseus The Resistance Underground Imperial
Belladonna Vetrano The Resistance Underground Neutropolis
Grant Creston The Resistance First Ward
Savarius The Midnight Masters Night Ward
  • Note, that only resistance members can access trainers in the Underground.

Co-op Zone Trainers

In cooperative zones, trainers tend to be from the ally group in the zone, but it is not a requirement.

Trainer Allied Group City Zone
Fortunata Bramson Arachnos Galaxy City (Tutorial)
Midnighter Loremaster The Midnight Squad Dark Astoria
PPD Emergency Defense Guardian Paragon Police Department Galaxy City (Tutorial)
Proximo Cimerorans Cimerora
Vanguard Drill Instructor Vanguard Rikti War Zone
War Witch Pocket D

PPD Emergency Defense Guardian (Heroes) Fortunata Bramson (Villains)