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A variable is a placeholder for a piece of information that refers to your your current target or your currently logged in character. Variables may be used in all types of Communication Commands. When a variable is used the appropriate information referring to your target or character is substituted for the variable before it is sent to the appropriate communication channel.

Target Variables

  • $target Your target's display name

Character Variables

  • $name Your name (minus any titles)
  • $level Your level (security/threat, not combat)
  • $primary Your primary power set
  • $secondary Your secondary power set
  • $archetype Your archetype
  • $origin Your origin
  • $battlecry Your battlecry, which can be modified, along with your backstory, through the options menu.
  • $side Displays "Hero" or "Villain" depending on your character's current content flag. Content flag determines which PVP side your character is on and possibly other game-related content.
Hero, Vigilante and Resistance display Hero
Villain, Rogue and Loyalist display Villain
  • $loc Your current coordinates as a clickable thumbtack link


A level 37 Blaster whose alignment is "Hero" using the following broadcast command:

/b $side $archetype $level looking for group!

will produce the following output in the broadcast channel:

Hero Blaster 37 looking for group!

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