Vigilante (Alignment)

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Vigilante is a step in the alignment process of a hero becoming a villain. In order to switch sides, a player must have Going Rogue.

Maelstrom is Going Rogue's poster child for falling from grace.

Becoming a Vigilante

Starting at Level 20, a Hero can begin the process of becoming a Vigilante. A Vigilante can then work to become a Villain, or return to being a Hero.

A Vigilante will have hero-content mission contacts and access to the hero version of the Ouroboros zone. However, Vigilantes may also move to the Rogue Isles via Cooperative Zones or by using Submariner Janus's submarine. While in the Rogue Isles, a Vigilante can team with Villains and Rogues to do villain-side content, start and engage in Strike Forces, visit the Black Market, and perform Newspaper Missions and Mayhem missions.