Wednesday Night Fights

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Badge time.png This article or section contains information about a past event in City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.

The Wednesday Night Fights took place on April 20, 2005. It was one of two Developer run events that occured near the end of Issue 3 on the Training Room that were intended to test out the upcoming Issue 4's arena feature. Players were invited to transfer characters over and join special Supergroups created for the fights. These supergroups were made by developers, GMs, and forum admins and had names based on their creators' traits.

A more organized second testing of the arena was later held. Several days warning was provided to give people time to transfer characters of an appropriate level to the Training Room and to join one of the several predetermined Supergroups. Several of the previous leaders were unable to make the event and were thus replaced by GMs. Additionally, the Cuppa Clones supergroup was temporarily abandoned due to several issues and ended up being replaced by the Espresso League.

Zone: Galaxy City
Levels Supergroup Leader
1-13 Cuppa Clones Espresso League CuppaJo
1-13 All You Can Eat General Tsao
14-23 Fireballs Fire Chickie
14-23 The Ace 9's Pelican
Zone: Talos Island
Levels Supergroup Leader
24-31 Mondan's Raiders Mondan
24-31 Team Awol Rowdy Roxy
32-39 Vald's Impalers Valdermic
32-39 Storm Riders Thunderstroke
Zone: Peregrine Island
Levels Supergroup Leader
40-45 Death Force Omega Red Omen
40-45 Alt-F4 Miran Ren
46-50 Vyvyannes Pride Vyvyanne
46-50 The Dead Haunt

Most of the supergroups vanished after the event, though CuppaJo's was noted as still being around in May 2006.