Whispered Rumor

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Whispered Rumor

Whispered Rumor is an Event Tip Mission that was added in Halloween 2010. When a character goes Trick or Treating in a Temporary Costume (whether gained from a 'Treat' or a permanently bestowed one such as from attending a convention), there is a chance of a Halloween Tip Mission dropping from a 'Treat'. This Halloween Event Tip will drop even if you already have 3 Alignment Mission Tips. Testing has indicated that you need to be Level 20+ and not in Praetoria to get this Tip. No official word whether that is working as intended.


See Tip: Whispered Rumor for full mission information.


The Halloween Tip Mission grants some minor rewards plus one of five badges:

File:Badge event halloween2010 gold.png Secured

You have kept the Malleus Mundi secure the best way you know how, by securing it yourself.

File:Badge event halloween2010 red.png Power Hungry

The Malleus Mundi has real power, and you've tapped into some of its potential.

File:Badge event halloween2010 gray.png Artifact Destroyer

You have gone about the proper ritual to destroy the Malleus Mundi, but you are unsure if it is truly gone.

File:Badge event halloween2010 green.png Veiled

You have done your best to hide the Malleus Mundi in a place where it can never be found.

Heroes and Vigilantes Only
File:Badge event halloween2010 blue.png Trusting

You've handed the Malleus Mundi over to MAGI for safekeeping. You Hope.

Villains and Rogues Only
File:Badge event halloween2010 purple.png Arriviste

Selling the Malleus Mundi to the highest bidder is a choice that may come back to haunt you.


Collecting all five Halloween Tip Missions badges grants the Meticulous Accolade.

File:Badge event halloween2010 accolade.png Meticulous

You are not tied to any single decision, and must pursue every course of action available to determine the consequences.


Random NPC chat outside the mission:

  • [NPC] Desiree: What did Character do with the Malleus Mundi?!