Zigursky Penitentiary

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The Zigursky Penitentiary is a prison in Paragon City, used to keep super-powered villains locked away. It is located in Brickstown. In the pre-Issue 21 villain tutorial Breakout, players escaped the Ziggurat with the help of Arachnos. After escaping, villains were flown to Mercy Island in the Rogue Isles.

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Villains return to the Zig in the Breakout at the Zig story arc from Operative Wellman and again in the third mission of The Pilgrim's The Ouroboros Initiation story arc (after talking to Mender Tesseract).

Badges at the Ziggurat

Heroes can arrest escaped Prisoners outside the Zig to earn the Warden badge. The Inmate exploration badge can be found by the front door, and Flying Shark on the topmost tier. One of the plaques for the Scholastic badge can be found just outside the outer fence at the south east corner of the prison. Villains can find the Jail Bird exploration badge in cell 15.

Zone Event

Prison Break: Prisoners are staging a breakout from the Zigursky Correctional Facility! This event can be found in the Ziggurat neighborhood at the entrance to the Zig. Participation in this event will award the Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png Probation Denied Badge and a choice of three temporary powers.


  • Zigursky Penitentiary is also known as the Zig, the Big Zig, and the Ziggurat.
  • Zigursky is spelled inconsistently throughout the game, alternating between Zigursky and Ziggursky.
  • Originally, the prison was known as the Brick. This name now survives only in the name of its home zone, Brickstown.