Dario Stanzini

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• Villains encounter Dario during Destroy Longbow's Base in Mercy from Operative Kuzmin

Dario Stanzini

Arachnos - Lieutenant


Dario Stanzini was once a famous magician whose life was changed by a participant in his audience. He called the stranger up to be sawed in half. The man, not knowing it was staged, freaked out and placed a curse on Stanzini, dooming his family and loved ones to die within a year.

Three years have passed since then. Stanzini's loved one and family have all died off, leaving the man left with nothing but vengeance, hoping to one day find the man who did this and kill him. Stanzini has gone to great lengths to acquire the power to find this man, enough that he has been labelled as a villain in Paragon and has fled to the Isles to increase his power; he has gone so far as to even ally himself with Arachnos to get what he needs.