Entrusted with the Secret Badge

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You have been exposed to Time Travel and have been granted access to the Ouroboros Citadel. You can find the power to summon forth a portal in your Temporary Powers tray.

How to Get

This badge is rewarded to Heroes and Villains who have done one of the following:

  • Completed a Time Travel mission, a story arc from a mender, or any story arc via the Flashback system.
  • Entered a Time Travel zone.

The following message is given when the badge is awarded:

Balloon.png Entrusted with the Secret

The mysterious Menders have noted that you have been exposed in some way to temporal transference, otherwise known as Time Travel. Because of this, you have been granted access to the Mender's Enclave, the headquarters of Ouroboros.

You will find that you have been granted a power that can summon forth the Ouroboros door for you and your allies to use to reach the Enclave and find out what the Menders need done.

The following list includes the tasks that grant this badge:








Upon acquiring this badge, a character will earn the Ouroboros Portal power.

Teleportation Ouroboros.png Ouroboros Portal Summon Portal
You can use this power to summon a doorway. It will allow you and your teammates to access the Ouroboros headquarters. It lasts for five minutes each time it is summoned, and has a five minute recharge.


For characters that have not received the badge, there are two easy ways to earn it:

  • Have someone else who does have the badge use their portal power to allow you to enter Ouroboros. Entrusted will be awarded upon entry.
  • Assuming that the character is in a supergroup that has placed a Pillar of Ice and Flame in their base, just run a single flashback story arc from the pillar and the badge should be awarded upon completion.
    • A Praetorian who runs such a mission will not get the badge, but they will get the power, even though they cannot use it.


  • This badge was previously attached to a variety of badges, souvenirs and missions, but was simplified in Issue 27.

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