Graham Easton

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Graham Easton
Graham Easton.jpg
Museum Curator
Zone Steel Canyon
Coordinates (-4606, 0, -980) [Copy]
Level Range 15-24
Introduced By None, Walk-up
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badges Badge i22 mission sc deadlycombatant.png Deadly Combatant
Badge i22 mission sc dignifiedcombatant.png Dignified Combatant
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Graham Easton is a hero contact in Steel Canyon at coordinates (-4606, 0, -980) [Copy]. His level range is 15-24. He is standing 130 yards west of the Siren's Call zone entrance.


Contact Introduced By

None, walk-up.

Contact Introduces



Museum Curator

Graham Easton is one of Paragon City's foremost art enthusiasts, and has financed numerous local artists and projects in the past decade. he is currently working as the curator of the recently-opened Paragon Asian Art Museum. he is beginning to realize it is a position of considerably greater stress than he originally anticipated.

Prior to Introduction

I'm afraid I don't have anything for you to do

Initial Contact

A middle-aged man is looking down alleyways nervously, clearly expecting something dangerous. When he finally notices you, he lets out a yelp and jumps back.

GAH! Oh, you nearly gave me a heart attack!

You're... Character, right? Oh thank goodness... give me a moment to catch my breath.

  • Are you alright?

I'll be fine, Character.

The man calms himself somewhat, holding his hand to his chest as he catches his breath. He nods at you respectfully.

My name is Graham Easton; you may have heard of me. I'm farily well-known in the art community around Paragon City. I apologize for my reachion to you just now. I'm just... jumpy lately, that's all.

But can you blame me? Those... those men! They attacked my museum, before it even opened! Can you imagine?

  • Your museum was attacked? By who?

Graham waves his hand dismissively.

Ruffians wearing sedge hats and karate robes, I don't know who they were. Probably some disgruntled artists that didn't appreciate one of my articles.

Graham puffs himself up slightly, and dons a self-important smile.

Did I mention that I'm one of the foremost art critics in Paragon? I've got a syndicated column in the Paragon Painter newsletter, and I...

  • Sedge hats and karate robes? Graham, it sounds like you were attacked by the Tsoo.

Graham blinks at you, dumbfounded.

The... Tsoo? What is a Tsoo?

  • ... Nevermind. Just tell me what they took.


  • Let's hurry this up, Character. I am a very busy man.
Fine, let's get started.
  • EEEK!
Oh, i-it's you, Character. What can i do for you?

Too Busy

I can't believe this. I have a deadline to meet, my museum is in danger, and now you're too busy to help?

Honestly, Character, how important could your other tasks possibly be?

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

Listen, Character... I really respect you, and I'm grateful for the things you've done for me. I really am!

It's just... it seems like trouble tends to follow you around. I would... I would prefer it if you didn't visit the museum anymore. No hard feelings, ok?


  • None

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 4 Reward Merits.

Last Rites


Sun Xiong's Headband

This faded headband reminds you of the time the Tsoo held a contract on your life. It was a time of danger, of honor, and of...

Last Rites

It began when the curator of the Paragon City Asian Art Museum, Graham Easton, asked you to retrieve a precious urn that was stolen from the museum's opening exhibit. You tracked down the urn, which Graham called the Xiong Hnub So, to a Tsoo warehouse in Steel Canyon and retrieved it.

The Tsoo were not pleased with your actions, however, and attacked you during the museum's grand opening ceremony. Someone had taken your actions very personally, and had called for your assassination! You decided to be proactive against this new threat, and went in search of the man who was calling for your death.

You returned to the warehouse where the urn was originally kept, and discovered that the owner of the warehouse was a man named Sun Xiong. However, just as you learned the location of his manor, Tsoo fell upon you, attacking from all sides! You fought your way out of the warehouse and went to confront Sun Xiong directly.

Sun Xiong was in his manor, but he demanded that you fight his four strongest students before challenging him. You defeated each of his students, then faced down Sun Xiong in single combat. After you emerged victorious, the contract on your head was nullified. You no longer have to worry about the Tsoo trying to assassinate you... for now.

Part One: Martial Art Thieves


The hooligans stole an urn, one that was meant to be the centerpiece of my opening exhibit. The piece is titled 'Xiong Hnub So', which roughly translates to 'Xiong's Day of Rest'. It's priceless, but I doubt it would hold much value if they were to resell... no I'm sure that these people simply wanted to sabotage my museum!

Graham looks at you, indignantly.

Well, you're a Hero, aren't you? What are you doing to do about my urn?

  • I... suppose I'll have to retrieve it.

Graham purses his lips at you disdainfully.

Well, I'm glad. Just... don't touch the piece more than you have to. I'd prefer it be kept in proper condition for the exhibit next week.

It doesn't look like Graham has any idea where the Tsoo might have taken his urn, but you have an idea who might. The PPD keeps track of the Tsoo's movements, and should be able to help you.

Speak with Detective Rogers

Unnecessary Solicitation

Graham frowns at you.

I hope you didn't forget about my urn. I can hardly open the museum without it.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Detective Rogers


Hey there, Character. Got something on your mind?

  • I was hoping you could help me track down a Tsoo operation.

Rogers raises an inquisitive eyebrow at you.

My friend, depending on the neighborhood, you could be up to your ears in Tsoo gangsters. You're gonna have to be a little more specific.

  • They stole an urn from the Asian Art Museum. They'd have to store it somewhere...

Oh, I get it. You're hoping to take a peek at their drop-off points. Those come and go pretty quick, but I can take a look at what we have on file.

Rogers pulls out his mobile and fiddles with it for a few moments.

You're in luck, my friend. It looks like we just got a tip in this morning about the Tsoo using an abandoned warehouse out in the Fool's Gold district.

Not far from the museum they hit, so it's as sure a bet as any.

  • Thanks, Rogers

Retrieve the Xiong Hnub So

Unnecessary Solicitation

Graham frowns at you.

I hope you didn't forget about my urn. I can hardly open the museum without it.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map WAREHOUSE 30 LAYOUT 04 04.png

This is the location Rogers mentioned. Hopefully the Tsoo stashed the urn here.

  • Retrieve the Xiong Hnub So
    • Find the Xiong Hnub So

You recovered the Xiong Hnub So from the Tsoo.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon retrieving the urn, 3 waves of Enraged Tsoo will attack

Before Combat

Enraged Tsoo: You will suffer for this indignation!

Upon Defeat

Enraged Tsoo: This... this will not be the end! No one may dishonor the Tsoo!
Contact Small Enraged Tsoo.jpg
Enraged Tsoo


The Tsoo warrior coughs raggedly, struggling to keep himself from collapsing. His whole body trembles, but you can't be sure if it is from exhaustion or rage.

You... you will PAY for this, Character! The Tsoo cannot forgive this insult. Your time in this world will soon be at an end.

  • Surely wou expected this. You stole an urn from a museum.

The warrior laughs weakly, then devolves into another coughing fit.

Stole? That urn does not belong in a museum, Character. It has more value than you could possibly know... but your ignorance is no defense.

You... have been marked. We will come for you. Enjoy your final days, 'hero.'

The warrior spits the final word with clear contempt, then passes out from his injuries.

  • Leave


Graham claps excitedly when he looks inside the crate.

Oh, goodness, that's IT! That's the centerpiece to my exhibit! Oh, and it's barely marred at all!

I expected those ruffians to manhandle the urn, you see. Men like that have no real appreciation for fine art. I'm thankful they at least saw enough value in it to keep it safe.

Graham swoons over the urn for a while longer, then turns his attention back to you.

Oh! Character, you absolutely MUST come to the opening exhibit! If it weren't for you, I don't know what I would have done!

Part Two: Guest of Dishonor


Graham beams at you, making grandiose gestures at you as he talks.

I simply won't take no for an answer, Character! This will be the grand opening of what is soon to be the most prestigious art museum in the city, and it is all thanks to you! You must attend!

All of the most important and influential members of the local art community will be there, and I want to show you off to all of them. Oh, this will be wonderful!

  • If you insist...

Oh, but I do, Character! You will be the guest of honor, as thanks for your efforts.

Graham loses a bit of his steam, and he looks down at his feet guiltily.

Plus, I may have already included you in some of the promotional materials I put together for the opening... but that's all fine now, because you're coming !

Graham seems to no longer be paying attention to you, lost in his own reverie.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Don't dawdle, we'll start the ceremony soon!

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the time that Graham requested, to find that he's already begun his presentation.
At least that means you won't have to sit through the whole thing.

  • Attend the museum Opening

You fought off the Tsoo... but it didn't look like they were interested in the urn anymore.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Notable NPCs

  • Graham Easton (+++ Missing Information +++)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Three waves of Tsoo Assassins

First Wave

Tsoo Assassin: Find him / her! He's / She's in here somewhere!
Tsoo Assassin: That's Character. Kill him / her!
Graham Easton: What... what's happening?
Graham Easton: The Tsoo again! They're after the urn - Character, do something!

First Wave Defeated

Tsoo Assassin: The vengeance of the Tsoo can only be sated in blood!
Tsoo Assassin: Great honor to the one who brings me Character's head!

Second Wave Defeated

Thunder Leopard: He / She is capable in combat... as expected.
Thunder Leopard: Your time is short, Character. You may stay my hand, but ten more will be waiting to strike you.

Upon Defeat

Thunder Leopard: Mark my words... we shall meet again. My master will not rest until you exist among the ancestors.


Graham pulls at his hair in frustration, making soft whimpering noises.

Aaaaaargh! Those brutes completely ruined the opening ceremony! If every exhibit goes this way, the museum will shut down in a month! This is insane!

Graham looks at you with pleading eyes.

Please, you MUST do something! I'm a taxpaying citizen, you know!

Part Three: More Important Things


The first order of business is to make sure that the urn is safe! I'm sure they're after it again, and I-

  • Graham, I don't think they were after the urn.

Graham blinks at you, confused.

They weren't? But... why would they... OF COURSE! They're after YOU! I should have known better than to invite a Hero to the opening ceremony of my exhibit. Well, I certainly hope you're planning on paying for the damages those hooligans caused in my museum! Why, the amount of work it will take to...

Graham is still ranting, but he doesn't seem to be saying anything worth your attention. You're fairly certain that the Tsoo are after you for some reason, and that it's connected to the urn somehow.

It might be a good idea to investigate the warehouse where they were originally storing the Xiong Hnub So, to get an idea of who has put a contract on your head.

Investigate the Tsoo Warehouse

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please, leave me be. I need to try to salvage my exhibit, and I certainly don't need any more of your 'help'.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map WAREHOUSE 30 LAYOUT 04 04.png

This place appears to have been abandoned, which is no real surprise. The Tsoo are smart enough to know when a hideout has been compromised.

  • Investigate the Tsoo Warehouse
    • Search the warehouse for clues

Escape the warehouse! The origin of your death warrant has a name: Sun Xiong. Now, you just need to find him.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Contact Small Unemptied Trash Can.jpg
Unemptied Trash Can


The Tsoo were clearly in a hurry when they cleared out of this warehouse, but you haven't come across any information that might help you learn who has put a price on your head.

You happen across a trash can, which appears to have been left unemptied. You don't know if it will hold anything useful, but it might be worth investigating...

  • (Empty the bin and examine its contents)

No one ever told you that being a Hero would be glamorous...

You empty the contents of the trash can onto the floor, searching for anything that might contain useful information. A worn ledger catches your eye, and you pick it up.

Inside, it contains a detailed listing of the comings and goings of the warehouse. Illicit goods were brought here for storage until a buyer was found, then shipped off to various secondary locations.

You find the listing for the Xiong Hnub So, but it doesn't seem to have a listed buyer. Strangely, it doesn't even seem to be a part of the Tsoo's normal business prospects; it appears they never had any intention to sell the urn.

  • (Try to find the name of the owner of the warehouse)

Near the front of the ledger, it lists a 'Master Sun Xiong' as both the owner of the warehouse and the manager of its affairs.

According to the ledger, Sun Xiong has far more holdings than this single warehouse, including a mansion located on the outskirts of Paragon City. It appears you have found a lead.

Just as you pocket the ledger and prepare to leave, you hear the sound of motion behind you!

  • (Defend yourself!)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon completion of the clues, multiple waves of Tsoo will attack, and will spawn throughout the warehouse along the route to the exit.

Before Combat:

Tsoo: Find him / her! He / She cannot escape!

Before Combat:

Tsoo: Your time has come, Character! Die!

Infiltrate Sun Xiong's Estate

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please, leave me be. I need to try to salvage my exhibit.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear the raucous sounds of shouting and cheering nearby. It's strange, for a building this refined.

  • Infiltrate Sun Xiong's Estate
    • Approach the dueling room
    • Confront Sun Xiong
    • Defeat Thunder Leopard
    • Defeat Iron Crane
    • Defeat Silver Serpent
    • Defeat Flowing Dragon
    • Defeat Sun Xiong
    • Speak with Sun Xiong

You have defeated Sun Xiong, and cleared the contract on your life.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Notable NPCs


I am beaten and shamed in front of my own students. Finish me, and the contract on your life will end.

Sun Xiong looks up at you expectantly.

What are you waiting for, fool? Do not draw out my dishonor! Kill me!

  • If that is your wish. [Kill Sun Xiong]
You deal Sun Xiong a swift, fatal blow. As Sun Xiong draws his final breath, the surrounding Tsoo do not seem like they will intervene.
It appears as though you have simply followed the Tsoo's philosophy: the strong prosper, and the weak perish.
  • Leave

File:Badge i22 mission sc deadlycombatant.png Deadly Combatant

Sun Xiong learned what it meant to face you in combat. It is not a lesson he will recover from.

  • I... cannot. Stand, warrior. [Spare Sun Xiong]
Sun Xiong glares at you, but struggles to his feet. He does not move for his weapon.
He stares at you for one long moment, as if unsure whether to be grateful or disgusted. Eventually, he bows to you slightly.
  • Leave
Sun Xiong: Very well, Character. A life for a life.
Sun Xiong: I shall rescind the contract on your head. Go with honor.
File:Badge i22 mission sc dignifiedcombatant.png Dignified Combatant

You spared Sun Xiong, despite his attempts to have you killed, and have gained his grudging respect.

Speak with Graham Easton

Unnecessary Solicitation

Graham doesn't appear to be answering his phone. It appears you'll have to track him down and speak with him personally.


Graham yelps as you approach. Even after recognizing you, he still appears to be wary.

Character! W-what do you want? Look, I appreciate what you've done for me, but...

Graham looks around nervously.

...but I really can't afford another Tsoo attack on my property. I'm sure you understand.

  • Excuse me? They only attacked me because of YOUR exhibit!
Graham cringes away from you, throwing up his hands defensively.
It's not my FAULT! I just wanted to open an art museum, and this... this unenlightened criminal excuse for a city keeps causing me no end of grief! I was just trying to add a little culture to this place!
Honestly, sometimes I wonder if it's even possible. Paragonians are just too... brutish.
  • I can't believe I'm hearing this. Goodbye, Graham.
  • Graham... did you know that the Xiong Hnub So is tied to the Tsoo's ancestral line?
Graham's face pales, and he shrinks away from you.
N-n-now let's not jump to conclusions, I mean... one family shouldn't have a monopoly on fine art, you see. The public deserves a chance to...
As you continue to stare him down, Graham trails off.
Now look... I understand this may seem callous, but I have legal ownership of the piece. Whatever claims the Xiong family is making, they can't...
  • You're despicable, Graham. Don't call on me again.
  • I understand. Just... be careful what you show in your exhibits.
  • .*Sigh* Of course. Just wanted to inform you that the Tsoo won't be bothering you anymore.
Graham smiles weakly, and begins wringing his hands.
Oh... that's good news, I suppose. Yes, it is. Well, thank you, Character, for all of the trouble you've gone through.
Now, if you wouldn't mind leaving...?
  • Nothing would make me happier, Graham. Goodbye.

TheTowerFortune.png Boon of the Ancestor Spirits Self, +DEF(All), +DMG(All)
When confronting Sun Xiong, you chose to kill him, acquiring a boon from the Ancestor Spirits as recognition of your superior combat prowess. For these actions, you have earned the right to ask the Ancestor Spirits for a powerful boon, which will increase both your damage output and your defense against attacks for a short time. You must be combat level 15 and above to use the boon.
TheTowerFortune.png Summon: Tsoo Sorcerer Summon: Tsoo Sorcerer
When confronting Sun Xiong, you chose to spare him, gaining both his gratitude and his respect. For these actions, you have earned the right to call upon a Tsoo Sorcerer to assist you in battle. This summoning can only be completed five times, and the Sorcerer will only assist you for three minutes. You must be combat level 15 and above to be able to use this summon, and if you drop below this level, a summoned Sorcerer will depart.