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Grym is an NPC you visit during the story arc from Twinshot. He is located inside the Atlas Park police station at coordinates (-1268, -102, -2061) [Copy] . He can also be found in the Steel Canyon University at coordinates (-2824, -248, 2280) [Copy] .

Grym is a member of The Shining Stars.

Heroes can find him:

  • In multiple missions in Twinshot's ongoing training story arcs, as a lieutenant or boss and an ally (Levels 5-19)


Grym endured the Trials of Confluence for all 7 years, emerging as the Lord Guardian until the Trials begin once again. Taking his right of first choosing, he selected Paragon City as his protectorate and crossed the veil into the World of Shape to install himself as the City's Grim.


Atlas Park

Unnecessary Solicitation

  • I am certain that you will not be needing my protection, friend. Until we meet again.

Steel Canyon


Otherworldly Warrior

A gladiatorial fighter from a far away land, Grym has been chosen to protect those who would protect Paragon City.


  • The aura of this city wavers. I must remain vigilant against those who would corrupt it.