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The Paladin Construction is a zone event that occurrs in Kings Row. It was replaced in Issue 24 by The Clockwork Paladin zone event, but was reinstated in Issue 27.


The Clockwork are using multiple power sources in Kings Row to help transform their scrap heaps into this new menace. It would seem that the Clockwork King's ultimate plan is to unleash these powerful Paladins in various locations throughout Kings Row in an attempt to bring the city to its knees.


According to the City of Heroes Giant Monster Guide (and updated by Faultline on the Homecoming Forums), the time span between occurrences can range from a few seconds to 36 hours. Up to three Paladins can be under construction and/or completed at any given time.


Construction starts when Clockwork minions begin appearing around Kings Row carrying construction equipment. These minions, usually Cogs, gather the supplies on rooftops around the city where Knights build the larger Clockwork Princes. Once these are completed, they move together to one of three areas where the construction of the far larger Paladin begins.

While under construction, the Paladin is inactive, unable to defend itself, and is referred to as a Monster Construction. If the Monster Construction is not disturbed, it will reach full health in five minutes and become a Paladin. However, the Monster Construction cannot be defeated until ten minutes have passed since it spawned. If the Monster Construction is brought to 0% health within ten minutes of spawning, it will respawn with approximately 25% health. In order to successfully defeat the Monster Construction, players must keep its health below 100% for a total of ten minutes since the moment spawned, at which time it may be defeated as normal.

If Paladin is successfully constructed, the construction site from which it spawned is considered active and unable to spawn another Monster Construction until that Paladin has been defeated. Each Paladin runs through Kings Row, making a beeline for a small park area in the northern part of the zone. This park has earned the nickname "Paladin Park" due to the tendency for active Paladins to congregate there.

Prior to the destruction of Galaxy City, one tactic to defeat Paladin (and thus reset the spawn point) involved luring Paladin to the Galaxy City gate, where the Police Drones would defeat it. The Galaxy City gate no longer exists, but players may instead lure Paladin to the Architect Entertainment building near the center of Kings Row (see map below), where the Police Drones will defeat it.

Zone Event Alerts and Dialogue

The following messages will appear in the Hero Zone Event Message channel during the specified points of the event:

  • Upon event spawn: [PPD] Unusual Clockwork activity in Kings Row.
  • Upon successful prevention of Paladin construction: [PPD] Clockwork activity has resumed normal levels in Kings Row.
  • Five minutes after event spawn if Paladin is constructed: [PPD] Clockwork Paladin spotted in Kings Row.

The newly-constructed Paladin will utter the following dialogue:

Spawn Points and Destination

Paladin construction sites (circled in green), Paladin destination (circled in red), and AE building (near center of map)

Paladin is constructed at one of three spawn points in Kings Row, indicated on the map to the right by green circles:

  • In the southwest corner at coordinates (520, -42, 2778) [Copy] , 312 yards due west of the Industrial Avenue neighborhood marker
  • South-southeast of the zone center at coordinates (-1654, -42, 1712) [Copy] , 366 yards southwest of the Aqueduct neighborhood marker and 312 yards due south of the Paragon City Monorail station
  • In the northeast at coordinates (-2843, -42, -458) [Copy] , 220 yards due south of the Royal Refinery neighborhood marker

Once constructed, Paladin departs the construction site escorted by a parade of Clockwork. It runs directly toward coordinates (-297, -30, -2368) [Copy] in the High Park neighborhood at the north end of Kings Row, indicated on the map to the right by a red circle. Only defeat will keep Paladin from reaching this destination, and more than one Paladin may end up at there.

If, after reaching the destination location, a Paladin is lured away and not defeated, it will not path back to the destination point. Once lured away, the Paladin may remain in place or wander a short distance. For this reason, one or more Paladins may be found stationary at locations in the zone other than the destination location denoted on the map above.

While the event is not active, groups of level-less Clockwork (including minions, lieutenants, and bosses) may randomly spawn at each of the three spawn sites. These groups of Clockwork are totally independent of the zone event and have no influence on any aspect of it.


Preventing the Paladin's construction will award the Knight Errant Badge. This badge is NOT rewarded for defeating a constructed Paladin.

File:Badge paladin.png Knight Errant

You have helped defeat the Clockwork Paladin, a diabolical invention of the Clockwork King.

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